Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 8 Review

Episode 8 Review of Sailor Moon Crystal

Spoilers Ahead

Act 8

The fans of the older Sailor Moon series, know that Usagi (Serena) is Princess Serenity. The episode starts out introducing Sailor Venus. She is my favorite scout, so I became super excited. You are misled, though, and told that she is the real Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Usagi was surprised to learn this news as well as myself.

After the opening of the episode, Sailor V took the scouts to a secret base and began explaining things. Not to long after, the first fight with the full Sailor Scout team occurred. Mamoru (Darien) and Usagi kiss as well. This is considered the first real kiss (Usagi was asleep during the other one).
I am sure when Usagi gets her memories back, they will explain why Sailor V is posing as Princess Serenity. I give the episode a 7/10 because (MAJOR SPOILER) Mamoru was hurt while saving Usagi from a powerful attack.
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 8 Review
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