Character of the Week: Shizuku Mizutani

Shizuku Mizutani

Anime: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Shizuku Mizutani
Shizuku Mizutani

Birth Date: February 14
Age: 17
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Affiliation: Syoyo High School
Occupation: Student
Mizutani Takaya (Brother)
Mizutani Takashi (Father)
Mizutani Yoshino (Mother)
Haru Yoshida (Fiancé)

Shizuku, known as “Dry Ice” in grade school, was a loner and was not ashamed of it. She is cold and sometimes inconsiderate, as inherited from her mother.

Shizuku can be very selfish sometimes, telling her friends that if it’s their problem, they should learn how to solve it by themselves.

Because her mother has been working overtime since Shizuku was young, it’s likely that Shizuku is emotionally withdrawn. She wasn’t mournful over her class pet’s death because she wanted to go home to do homework. Takashi even said that Shizuku was more interested in math problems instead of dolls when she was little, suggesting her strange preferences were present as a child. Shizuku does not care about what other people think, and does not care whether or not people like or dislike her. She is not scared of judgments.

Shizuku Mizutani
Shizuku Mizutani