Skyhigh (Manga) Review

Skyhigh: In Front of the Gates of Grudges

You have three choices now that you’re dead

Imagine that your life ends. Then imagine getting greeted by a rather beautiful woman called Izuko – Guardian of the Gate of Grudges. She tell you that you have three choices: to ascend to Heaven to await reincarnation; to deny their death and wander the world as a ghost, or to curse a human, typically their murderer or someone who just happened to annoy the deceased, and be condemned to an eternity of agony in Hell. In this series we follow different characters and their stories. Which will be a rather deep journey. If you’re young – then be prepared for some scenarios that can be rather bloody, nude and hurtful. This doesn’t mean that this series is bad. Not at all, the Skyhigh series (this and it’s sequels) brings quite the package.

Appeal of Skyhigh

Skyhigh is rather ‘goth’ and brings just what you can imagine when hearing the word. Now, the series brings deep stories that challenges your sense of morality and common sense – since it goes into dilemmas of your mind. The ten stand-alone stories that make up the two volumes essentially focus on the particular character’s death, events leading up to it and the choice they make upon meeting Izuko. Seeing as they’re arriving at the Gate of Grudges, it’s hardly likely their passing was a happy one, even though they are at first unaware of what is going on and rely on Izuko to fill them in.

Characters of Skyhigh

When it comes to the guardian itself, Izuko. She’s with us all the way, but we never really get her backstory, why she’s the guardian – her feelings. This is a downer – but I guess we follow the series through her eyes – we are Izuko. Probably makes no sense, but if you’re to read the Skyhigh series then try doing it. To me it kinda made sense.


You’re mired knee-deep in just about every negative human emotion and action imaginable right from the start. Envy, Hatred, Depression, Murder, Greed are all mixed together and served up with a handful dose of vengeance. To say, you will enter the ‘dark side’ of human thinking and spirit.

Skyhigh Overall

As for art. It’s not the best, I can tell you that – but it’s doing quite well delivering the feelings of the character. As mentioned, it’s rather gothic – so keep in mind that it’s rather dark. It also has that on purposely rusty touch to it – trademark you could say from it’s creators. Overall nothing to worry about.