Sword Art Online: Aincrad (Manga) Review

Aincrad Manga Review

Sword Art Online: Aincrad Cover


Sword Art Online: Aincrad is only a short version of the anime, which happens to be a short version of the light novel. So a lot is left out of the manga making it only two volumes long. A bit of a disappointment to some fans, but still a good read. What it lacks in length it also lacks in character development, so please watch the anime and do not judge int by the manga.


Sword Art Online: Aincrad Plot

Klein and Kirito


Sword Art Online: Aincrad is based after the Aincrad arc of the light novel series. The year is 2022 a man named Kayaba Akihiko traps people in a virtual reality video game. If you die in the game , you die in real life. The main character Kirito is attempting to beat the game for himself and the other players. He must reach the top of the Aincrad castle on the 100th floor.

Unlike the anime, the manga stays on track on the main story. You never meet certain side characters due to the fact that they are not vital to the plot line. It gets to the end really quickly with two years passing by in the game. Many people have lost their lives trying to beat the game or attempting to escape only to die on the other side.


Sword Art Online: Aincrad Characters

Kirito and Asuna


Kirito is the main male protagonist of Sword Art Online: Aincrad. He is a quiet fifteen year old boy only to become the eventual hero of the game. He is extremely skilled and mostly works solo through out the game. He mostly does this to not be responsible for anyone’s life.

Asuna starts out as a weaker character only to be the brave one on the front lines. Her desire to return to the real world gets her through the game, that and Kirito. She falls in love with him and becomes his wife in the game.

Other characters show up in the manga, but only a few are mentionable. Klein and Agil are friends of Kirito and appear throughout the manga in certain situations. Klein is a rough looking man that fights on the front lines while Agil is a merchant only fighting in big battles. Yui’s character makes a short appearance, but only to set up her story in Fairy Dance.Heathcliff is another manga character that has a few twists. He is the guild leader of the Knights of Blood.


Sword Art Online: Aincrad The Manga

Kirito Battle Scene


The manga was quite short and disappointing. I only read it to see if it was more in depth than the anime, but was sad to find out that it was only two volumes long.The artwork, however, was worth the read to me. It was really beautiful and reminded me of older manga’s for some reason. The fight scenes were laid out very well as well. They were really detailed. I recommend this to those that want to brush up on the story or just do not have time to watch the anime or read the light novels.


Sword Art Online: Aincrad Grade: 5 out of 10