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  • Character of the Week: Rui Hachiouji

    Rui Hachiouji

    “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and the punishment of death for evil” -Rui Hachiouji

     Rui hachiouji

    Anime: Code Breaker

    Other Names: Prince, 8 Tears, Graceful God Guardian, Iron Wall Defense, Code number: 5

    Age: 20


     Powers of Rui Hachiouji

    Rui Hachiouji

     Shadow Control:

    Manipulation: The ability to turn her shadow into a weapon.

    Shaei, “Fending Shadow”: The ability to create a locked space made from everything around her shadow. It prevents anyone from getting in or out, along with protecting who’s inside.

    Zan-ei, “The slashing shadow”: She acts out damage to the shadow of others, and then this ends up mirroring that damage onto the opponent’s actual body.

    Empress Paradox: The ability to absorb her shadow, allowing her to form tendrils to attack things that don’t even have shadows and also eat them, but it additionally ends up hurting her because of her lack of control of it.

    Shadow Rose Stream: This can only be used when her dark side is active, which is activated by pure thoughts or “light”. When she’s in this state, she can manipulate four shadow scythes; killing her enemy and leaving shadow petals behind.

    Biography of Rui Hachiouji

    Rui Hachiouji

    She is the only female in the code beakers, which makes it hard for her to act like a girl so instead, she always tries to be insanely strong because of that very reason. She is hardheaded and uses her shadow manipulation to fight evil that the government can’t do anything about publicly. She is code number 5. Rui likes to usually act like a male so nobody looks down on her, and she gets flustered easily when called pretty or anything of that nature. When flustered, she has a tendency to bang her head into things. When she uses her power and goes into her lost state she actually ends up turning into a mermaid.



    Rui means “tears”; a name her parents gave her knowing she would have a hard life, one that would make her cry.

    Her nickname prince comes from her last name Hachiouji, Ouji meaning “prince”.