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  • Character of the Month: Sōsuke Aizen

    Sōsuke Aizen


    Name: Sōsuke Aizen
    Anime/Manga: Bleach
    Age: looks to be in late 20s to early 30s
    Birthday: May 29th
    Race: Soul
    Affiliation: Arrancar Army
    Previous Affiliation: Gotei 13 Soul Society
    Previous Division: 5th division captain and 5th division lieutenant
    Base of Operation: Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
    Zanpakuto: Kyoka Suigetsu

    Aizen is the former captain of Gotei 13’s 5th division, leader of the Arrancar Army who was defeated by substitute soul reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki but was sealed away by Kisuke Urahara and is currently serving 20,000 years in Muken. Muken is a underground prison where the worst criminals in the Soul Society are held. He is one of many antagonist characters in the Bleach series. Aizen is a handsome guy who looks to be in his late 20s to early 30s who at first was well-respected. He was very known in the Soul Society for his teachings as a calligraphy teacher but is now known as a traitor due to his invasion of the Soul Society. As former captain, we first see Aizen in square shaped glasses with short brown hair and brown eyes. When he leaves the Soul Society, he changes his appearance. He now has his hair swept back with one stand in front of his face and the glasses are gone so now his brown eyes are more visible.

    Since leaving Gotei 13, his personality is very arrogant and cocky. Even though he’s that way, he still is soft-spoken and addresses everyone by their given name. He rarely shows any distress and often has every situation he’s been in figured out. When confronted, Aizen is extremely casual and make small talk. While in the Soul Society, he was kind that Momo Hinamori and others looked up to him a lot. He cared for his underlings and was respected. This however isn’t his true nature whatsoever. His true nature is highly manipulative and dangerous. He doesn’t care for his underlings at all and is willing to use everyone as a pawn to achieve his goal. He toys with his underlings and will stop at nothing to further his ambitions and will kill anyone if needed to fulfill it. As leader of the Arrancars, he controls his army through fear or respect. As for Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, a member of his elite group the Espada, he controls him by intimidation and mind games. Since gaining new powers, Urahara has noted that he’s become less cautious in battle in which he admits that he has let his guard since having new powers with the Hygōku. Aizen’s attitude has changed too in which now he’s even more arrogant and overconfident. He’s also gets very anger when he doesn’t understand something. A example of this is when Ichigo transforms into Mugetsu Getsuga Tenshō (the final getsuga tenshō). He was extremely pissed because he couldn’t figure out how Ichigo has surpassed him.

    In the beginning, Aizen was the lieutenant of the 5th division under Shinji Hirako, the leader of the Vizards. While under his wing, Aizen invested in the research and creation of the Hygōku before Kisuke. He sacrificed hundreds of shinigami & Rukongai citizens to his own Hygōku but it wasn’t satisfied. After Urahara is appointed as new captain of the 12th division, he and Shinji were talking and Shinji reveals Aizen who concealed himself in camouflage. He was inpressed and complimented Shinji and asked when did he sense him there. Shinji responded in a rude way that he known him ever since he was in his mother’s womb and ordered him to follow him. Aizen replied with a comment on how scary he was but Shinji says he’s the scary one. Later on, Aizen witnesses Gin killing 3rd seat member of his division. Aizen is once again impressed and asked how did he find the fight. Gin with a simple and one word response says pathetic. Years later, Aizen & Shinji are walking around the Seireitei when they encounter Urahara, Hiyori (another Vizard member) and 12th division 3rd seat Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Aizen asks Kisuke has he heard the news about the series of strange deaths that has been in the Rokongai. Urahara didn’t know so Shinji tells him about it and says that the 9th division squad had been sent to investigate. Soon the 9th division disappears and head captain Yamamoto calls for an emergency meeting. He forms a team to investigate and they arrive on scene to see that all members of the 9th division hollowified and is soon dispatched by an unseen assailant. The attacker is later revealed as Kaname Tosen. He is 5th seat member of the 9th division and the only one who survived. Soon Shinji arrives and is injured and asks Tosen why in which he replied Aizen. Aizen then reveals to Shinji that he’s been the one behind him for the past month. He explains his zanpakuto (I’ll explain later) and tells Shinji that their lack of trust allowed him to fool him. Shinji gets upset and the hollowification process speeds up. Aizen then thanks him and prepares to kill him but Kisuke intervened and cuts off Aizen’s lieutenant badge.

    Aizen is by far the smartest guy on Bleach due to his genius intellect. He knows the Soul Society strategies, history, tactics and the existence of the Oken. He even know how to create both a Oken and Hygōku. He has created Arrancars and hollows all while avoiding any suspicion from his fellow shingami. Aizen has been doing experiments that has involved dangerous manipulations of Reishi and hollowification for 110 years. The man even knows how to destroy the Hygōku. He’s a master at manipulation and strategic methods. Not only that, but he’s also a master at Kido too and shunpo since he’s extremely fast.

    Aizen’s zanpakuto is called Kyoka Suigestu. It looks like a normal katana when sealed away but when it’s released, the sword itself has two sides parallel to the blade. They are long while the four sides above and below the blade are shortened making almost a diamond or prism-like shape. The handle is green. To activate his zanpakuto, he uses the word shatter. The motion is almost similar to Byakuya’s shiki release of Senbonzakura. The special ability of his zanpakuto is Kanzen Saimin. The ability is a hypnosis technique that controls all five senses. The technique is so flawless that the intended target misinterpret another’s form, shape, mass, feel and smell. It only takes one look at his zanpakuto and the person is completely succumb to hypnosis. It’s long lasting too that even the Vizards are still affected by his zanpakuto from 110 years ago. When he puts his sword away or turns it off, the image melts away or shatters.

    Hygōku Implantion Transformations

    Aizen has the Hygōku embedded in the center of his chest. He takes 5 forms since he is now fused with the Hygōku. The 1st stage really isn’t anything major at the moment. He has gained a new power known as protective regeneration and strength & durability augmentation.

    In stage 2, Aizen appearance changes to a phantom-like figure and face is completely covered with a white canvas. He now has enhanced durability, speed, strength, endurance, spiritual power and regeneration. This form is known as Chrysalis.

    In stage 3, his appearance changes again in which the phantom-like form sheds into a form similar to his original one. His hair is now long and his eyes are gray with purple sclera. Now his spiritual power and durability has enhanced even more.

    In stage four, Aizen now has a hole in the center of his chest with a cross. He has now a form fitting robe that’s white and flares out at the end. His irises, eyebrows and his one strand of hair that was in front of his face vanishes. Also there’s now a diamond shaped object in his forehead. Lastly, he gain three sets of butterfly-like wings that becomes pointed when he fights Ichigo. He also now is even faster regeneration, enhanced strength and teleportation.

    In the final stage, he has a hollow-like form. The diamond-shaped points breaks revealing a black vertical third eye. The skin on his face splits open down the middle and pulls back revealing a blackened demon-like skull. He has three holes vertically down his chest and the Hygōku stands in the center of the top hole. His feet are claws and hands and feet blackens. The wings are now in a set of six sheet-like with hollow heads at the end and eyes in the center. In this form, he uses two techniques against Ichigo…
    Fragor: a bluish-purple energy sphere that comes from the hollow-like skulls at the top of his wings
    Ultrafragor: a bluish-purple circle of spiritual energy that surrounds the target

    I choose Aizen as my character of the week because he’s the baddest antagonist I’ve see. At first, I didn’t like Aizen at all because he was such a jerk. Then watching him more in action my view changed. He is extremely smart and is very calm. This makes me mad because he didn’t get upset when he was confronted and carry on long conversation. Well actually, his long speeches does have good points but come on end it already. He talks too much but he does back his words up so that makes him even more greater. The fusion with the Hygōku had gotten to Aizen head and thus is the reason he lost. He depended on the power of the Hygōku too much and got way too cocky. He still remain himself even while begin restrain to hear his sentence. He made a comical remark that made his sentence of 18,600 years to go to 20,000 years. I hope to see a return of Aizen in the manga. He is immortal so he should at least show up and if he doesn’t…that’s so not cool to kill him out the series by sending him to Muken. Lastly, the glasses he wore didn’t help his appearance at all but once they came off and the hair swept back, his sexiness explodes. See ya next month for a new character pick