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  • Blank Slate (Manga) Review

    Blank Slate Manga Review

    Blank Slate
    Manga Cover

    Blank Slate starts out with a man pointing a gun at another man. It captivates you from the beginning. There are a total of eight chapters in this short manga series. If you feel like reading a good quick story, Blank Slate is the manga to pick up.

    Blank Slate Plot

    Blank Slate

    A man called Zen has lost all his memories. There is only one instinct he follows and that is to kill. He assassinates people for the fun of it, not the money. The first few chapters are just and introduction to the characters that are involved in the final chapter. Not much can be said without giving away a few good twist plots. Zen will find the answer to his past, but it may not be the one he is looking for.

    Blank Slate Characters

    Blank Slate
    Zen and Hakka

    Zen is the main character of Blank Slate. He is very cold and distant to any human. The only partner he wishes to take with him ends up being a doctor named Hakka. Hakka is a very peaceful man and lives in a small village helping anyone. Zen meets other characters along the way, but only Hakka and Zen are mainly in the manga.

    Blank Slate The War

    Blank Slate
    Chapter End

    Basically everything is revolved around a war between two different people. It is a war of race basically between the Galay and Amata. Many people died and the Amata suffered a lot of losses. The Galay used a super human weapon during the war that was made up of from Yama. Many people are wanting revenge for what happened during the war.

    Blank Slate was a great assassin manga. Anyone who likes guns and deep plots, this is the manga to read. It is short and easy to get through too.

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    Overall Grade 7/10