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  • Anime of the Week: Corpse Party

    Corpse Party

    Corpse Party
    Main characters: Satoshi, Yuma, Ayumi, Naomi, Saeko, Mayu, Miss Yui, Morishige, Yoshiki, Sachiko.
    Release date: July 24 2013
    Episode count: 4

    Plot: A group of friends preform a charm (Sachiko ever after) to remember their friend by as she is moving away. However they sadly preform it incorrectly and end up in the abandoned school, Heavenly Host Elementary School, unable to see the horror that awaits them. What awaits them is alter dimensions, corpse’s, and ghosts of three children. The children will not allow them to leave alive.

    Corpse Party
    Why Milly chose this: Corpse Party is an amazing horror anime. Even though the anime is very gory it has an interesting storyline and characters.


  • Anime of the Week: Highschool of the Dead

    Highschool of the Dead

    Highschool of the Dead
    Main characters: Takashi, Rei, Saeko, Saya, Kohta, Nurse Shizuka
    Release date: July 5 2010
    Episode count: 12

    Plot: A disease known as the “Outbreak” has taken over turning people into flesh eating zombies. A group of students and a highschool nurse have teamed up to try to survive this apocalypse. While they attempt human survival, they must save themselves from societal collapse. They throw out moral codes and take in new survivors.

    Highschool of the Dead
    Why Milly chose this: Highschool of the Dead is a great horror anime to watch. The plot and characters are also fun to watch develop.


  • Anime of the Week: Naruto

    Anime of the Week: Naruto


    Naruto It takes a while for things to really get going, but once it does you’ll notice it. Unfortunately for some, the pacing can sometimes be broken by the short training arcs which are actually pretty entertaining and in many cases are segued in nicely with the story arcs. Also, there is only one short filler arc throughout the first 135 episodes. First off about the art, it should be apparent from our protagonists conspicuous appearance that, in many ways these guys are ninjas in name only. Still, the appearances of the characters throughout the series are so varied that I didn’t care. The animation does take a dip occasionally. I don’t have much about the sound. The music is pretty good, though occasionally generic. I enjoyed this series. I won’t lie, I loved this series. But, it certainly isn’t for everyone and I can understand quite a few people being frustrated by this shows some times slow, often times fast pacing. Also, as I said before, enjoyment largely hinges on whether or not you like the characters or not. To sum it up, don’t go into Naruto expecting to see the tightest script ever written or anything thought provoking. Just go into it for a fun time and, maybe, you’ll be surprised by the well developed characters like I was. I have one problem. These characters are way too over powered! Mostly the male characters! That’s all I have for now.

  • Anime of the Week: Chi’s Sweet Home

    Anime of the Week: Chi’s Sweet Home/New Address

    Chi's Sweet Home

    Chi’s sweet home/new address Chi’s Sweet Home and Chi’s New Address have a simple story. Chi’s sweet home/new address starts by Chi on a walk with her mother. Chi wonders off and gets lost. Later, a boy named; Yohei, and his mother finds her and take her to their apartment where pets are strictly not allowed.

    Chi's Sweet Home

    Chi also has good art. In which, I greatly appreciate the art. It’s nice and simple. At the same time, it’s cute and funny. Chi as a character overall is great. A young kitten, curious of how life works in the apartment, and the way of living in it is just plain cute. From mistaking her litter box for a bed to believing the word wee was her name. As for other characters there isn’t much to say. The humans just are well and set up the problems for Chi’s actions. Chi is bound to make either laugh or just blow you away with its cuteness. You’ll really have fun watching this series. If your like me, you just can’t wait for the next episode and see what funny things Chi will do next. Finally, overall if you want a series to just give you a good laugh or you love cats I recommend this to you. The only problem I found with it is that the episodes are only 2 minutes and 50 seconds. It is still an easy series to pick up and enjoy.

  • Anime of the Week: Angel Beats

    Anime of the Week: Angel Beats

    Angel Beats

    Hello everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Angel Beats, one of my all time favorite animes. This anime has amazing character development and a great premise that really grips you from the first episode. The basic concept is that our protagonist, Otonashi, wakes up in a high school full of teenagers that have had tortured pasts and when they died they were sent there.

    Angel Beats

    One thing I love is that throughout the whole anime you really connect with the the entire cast, not just the main characters. This, and the fact that it’s packed full of humor and awesome fight scenes as well as plenty of emotional ones, make this anime worth watching. If your looking for an anime that you can watch in a day then lucky you it’s only 12 episodes! I encourage all of you reading this to go and watch Angel Beats! Also just a side note I prefer the English Dub for this anime because I think the dialogue sounds a bit less formal and more loose like the script intended for it to.

    -Neko-chan out! :3