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  • Where are the Parents?

    Where are the Parents?

    Had an interesting conversation the other day with a fellow Anime Amino user about parents in series, ‘Where are they?’. Sure it depends which series we’re talking about here, but the parents are often absent. Is this on purpose, maybe?

    It’s important to note that in all of those case, even if the parents are not around, they are still alive, and the hero know where they are. If the parents (at least one) are dead/have disappeared, they will usually have an important place in the story. In some cases where both parents are dead, the parents are a whole separate thing. Absent parents can pretty much define a story all by themselves. You can also say that the the removal from the parents indeed frees the character to action (sounds tough but I think there’s something in it).

    Sure this doesn’t only apply to anime – Narnia, Harry Potter with more. So the pattern is quite common and useful for the protagonist/protagonists journey.These series are of course “more” aimed towards teens. In essence the parents kinda ‘dampens’ the storytelling common to these works. Most stories with high school-age characters just don’t benefit from parents – they’re adventures, they’re romances, they’re all based in the sorts of things kids/teenagers do when parents aren’t around. It’s the same with Charlie Brown and Snoopy from Peanuts. You enter the kids perspective in a school environment and you never see the adults faces and their voices just blabs.


    Removing the parents also removes the authority. So when when tension rises they characters have no one to rely on. There’s also common to follow characters as the part from their parents. We join the story when the character enters the stage their story is depicting. This allows us, the viewers to better connect ourselves with the characters since the formula is for us to react the same way as the character.

    What’s your view on this?

    – Shogo