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  • Character of the Week: Arashi Kishu

    Arashi Kishu

    Anime: X/1999

    Arashi Kishu
    Age: 17- 18
    Residence: Ise Shrine Mie Prefecture, Japan
    Powers: Materialize a sword from her hand
    Kekkai: Perfect Pyramid
    Weapon: Sword
    Job: Shrina Priestess
    Group: Dragon of Heaven

    Arashi Kishu
    Arashi is a very serious person. She uses a sword that she can draw from her body. It is supposedly a very painful process, but Arashi has trained herself not to feel the pain. Princess Hinoto asks her to watch over Kamui at the beginning of the war. Raised in a shrine since a young age, Arashi is much disciplined and the best person for the job. She falls in love with Sorata, another Dragon of Heaven, who dies saving Arashi. She eventually dies herself, fighting until her last breath to save the Earth.