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  • Character of the Week: Ashura


    Relatives: Shashi (mother), Ten-ō (half brother), and Ashura-ō (father)

    Ashura’s mother gave birth to him and Ten-ō, giving him up and keeping Ten-ō. He slumbered for 300 hundred years while everyone thought he was dead. Yasha-ō comes along and awakens him. He ages somewhat quickly and his power only seems to grow as well. He holds a very dark secret within him.

    Ashura is a very kind child at first. He vows to get stronger so he can protect the ones he loves. He has a dark side to him as well, the true Ashura. This side comes out when Ashura or someone he loves is in trouble. The True Ashura is a bit more merciless and chaotic.

  • Anime of Week: RG Veda

    RG Veda

    A manga created by the mangaka group called CLAMP. It was their debut manga in 1989 and totaled 10 volumes. The story is filled with Vedic mythology and named after one of the four Vedas, Rigveda. The manga is known for the detailed artwork. From 1991 to 1992 a 2 episode OVA was adapted of the manga.

    RG Veda

    The manga begins explaining about a 300 year old prophecy. Taishakuten rebelled against the Heaveny Emperor, Ashura-o, 300 years ago and took over. The story follows Yasha-o after he awakens the child Ashura. The two journey to collect the Six Stars and help save their kingdoms. They meet comrades along the way as well as the six stars. The group then heads to the Heavenly kingdom to take back the throne only to find out a horrible secret.