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  • Automail of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Automail of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Fullmetal Alchemist is known for its main character Edward Elric and his automail arm and leg. Automail is an automotive armored prostheses. Over the years though, it has become more than just prosthetic arms and legs for war amputees.

    The automail is directly linked into the nervous system. This way it can be moved like any other appendage and not require an external source of power. It is powered through the electrical pulses that come from the nerves. It will regulate the power to the pneumatic actuators and electrical motors inside.

    A full skeletal frame and armor plating are both made out of steel to protect the machinery and wires inside the appendage. Over time, though, technology evolved and materials such as chrome, carbon fiber, aluminum alloys, fiberglass, and copper-nickel are now being used. This helps though who use their appendage in a way such as Edward does. They can also be used in different weather conditions since steel is more likely to lock up in the cold.

    The process of getting an automail is very painful. Only a specialist in bio-mechanical engineering do this process. Sometimes they must further amputate the appendage to fit it properly. The recovery time is extensive as well. A lot of nerves, tissues, muscles, and much more are taking a great deal of pain. It takes about three years to properly recover. There have been those that have taken only a year, it really depends on the automail surgery.

    You must upkeep your automail as well. Making sure it is properly oiled and maintained over time is important. The automail can come unconnected and sometimes must be connected back together which is painful as well. There are those who use automail in battles as well. This is well known as combat automail. Various techniques are used to further the combat automail. People will add claws, hide blades or firearms, and other such weapons.

    Users of Automail

    Edward Elric: Has a right automail arm and a left automail leg.

    Bald: Has a left automail arm with a high-cliber, double-barreled rifle and army knife.

    Den: Has a front left automail leg.

    Paninya: Has both automail legs which hide a blade and grenade launcher.

    Tetsu: Has an automail leg.

    Captain Buccaneer: Has a right automail arm that has interchangeable automails which over all holds a gas powered chainsaw with a moveable jaw and hte other has diamond tipped claws.

    Lan Fan: Has a left automail arm with a spike strip wound and long blade sword.

    Frank Archer: (ONLY in 2003 anime) Half his body is automail which his left arm holds an anti-tank weapon and mouth a mini gun.


    Wrath: (ONLY in 2003 anime) He has a right automail arm and left automail leg similar to Edwards.

    Genz Bresslau: (ONLY in the video game) Has a left automail arm.

    Julia Crichton: (ONLY in the Sacred Star of Milos movie) Has a left automail leg.