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  • Look Alikes: Yui and Enju

    Yui and Enju: The Kawaii Twins

    by Janni Rose


    Angel Beats

    Yui is a side character of Angel Beats. She is often seen wearing a SSS uniform, and a devil’s tail, and horns, giving the impression that she has a devilish personality. She is infatuated with irritating Hinata, and has a love/hate thing going on.

    Aihari Enju

    Black Bullet

    Enju is the female protagonist in Black Bullet. She is often seen wearing a yellow dress and full of energy. She is an Initiator that is obsessed with the idea of marrying Satomi Rentaro. She has a close bond with Tina Sprout. Her personality concerning Rentaro is almost identical to Yui’s.