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  • Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma (Anime) Review

    Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma Anime Review

    Blood Reign
    I love 80s anime so I try to watch the ones I come across. I had heard of Blood Reign before, but had never got around to watch it until recently. I must say that at first it was a little crude with the music and art, but at the same time it came out in 1989 so what should I expect. While reviewing this OVA, I will try to remember it is older.

    The Plot of Blood Reign

    Blood Reign
    Blood Reign Curse of the Yoma is about a war being waged between ninja clans. I love ninja/samurai anime’s. The story follows a ninja named Hikage that is given the task to kill his friend Marou for certain reasons. Along his path he must defeat the Yoma of the Earth which is basically the evil spirits that reign over certain areas. He must also fight off neighboring enemies he runs into. When he finally reaches Marou he learns a terrible secret. A girl named Aya begins following him after he saves her. She is also a ninja, so she helps out more than he thinks. The two learn to love each other and get on with their life in the end.
    The plot seems a little rushed, but it is not like they give a lot of run time when it comes to OVA’s. It skips around a lot especially after the first part. Since it is cut into two separate episodes, the first part follows Hikage and stays relatively close to the when Marou runs away. When you get to the second part, two years have passed and Hikage has still not found anything. Then it suddenly jumps around a lot explaining what is happening between the clans and the war. I understand the time skip, but it is annoying. Other than that, the plot is great if you like ninja movies.

    The Characters of Blood Reign

    Blood Reign

    Blood Reign Curse of the Yoma basically has three characters it focuses on. While there are other characters in the OVA, Hikage, Marou, and Aya are the three main characters. Hikage is a ninja that goes against the rules. His character is your everyday rogue anime ninja, but it works for the time it was created. He is very strong, but is obviously human. Aya (the second one) is more of an outgoing type of person. She quickly falls in love with Hikage and tries her best to keep up with him. Marou has a secret that not even he knew about. In the beginning he is very quiet and distant. Towards the end, he wants destruction.
    The characters are actually really well in this anime. Each one develops over the time periods pretty thoroughly. The other side characters are strong enough to make an impression on you.

    The only mistake I made with this anime was watching it in English. Blood Reign Curse of the Yoma was meant to be watched in Japanese. Thankfully I had the subtitles for the Japanese version and had a better understanding of the anime. I recommend anyone this anime if you liked Fist of the North Star or Ninja Scroll. Remember it is an older anime, so the soundtrack is a bit laughable at times. If I were reviewing this anime back in 1989 I would give it a 9/10, but since things have changed and I watched it in English I have to give it a little less.

    Overall Grade 7/10