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  • Blue Exorcist (Anime) Review

    Blue Exorcist Anime Review

    *Small Spoilers. Read at your own risk*

    Blue Exorcist

    What made me really interested in this anime is the fact that the two main characters are twins and one inherited a power of their father, Satan, and the other did not. As I am a twin, I wanted to see how the world of anime explained the relationships between siblings and the differences they have. From watching the trailer, I could also tell that there was going to be lots of action; not just a little, a lot. So in other words, a lot to look forward too.


    Plot of Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and indeed any kind of contact between the two, is impossible. However the demons can pass over into this world by possessing anything that exist within it. Satan, the god of demons, didn’t have one thing. That one thing being a substance in the human world that is powerful enough to contain him. For that purpose he created Rin and Yukio, his son from a human woman, but will his son agree to his plans? Or will he become something else…? An exorcist?


    Characters of Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    Rin Okumura

    Rin Blue Exorcist

    The eldest fraternal twin. After witnessing his biological father,Satan, killing his adoptive father,Shiro, he decides to become a exorcist at True Cross Academy. His power awoke when the sword Kurikara was opened when trying to save Shiro. Kurikara is a demon sword in which Mephisto sealed Rin’s demon power in. Before his powers awakened, he appeared to be human without fangs and a demon tail. When he was younger, he often had extreme episodes where he often would “black out” and attack classmates or Shiro. Rin has a protective way of going about his actions so he gets into fights. He doesn’t show ambition for normal school work and often times is clueless to certain obvious things. His willpower to defeat Satan is shared with his classmate Ryuuji. One of his positive points is his way to cook for his friends and family. When Rin was young Shiro supported him with this hobby, and Rin got positive feedback from the meals he made, and eventually he became a great cook. In grew up not knowing he was related to Satan or about Yukio being a exorcist.


    Yukio Okumura

    Yukio Blue Exorcist

    The youngest fraternal twin. He is also the youngest exorcist in history of True Cross Academy. He is one of the teachers of the cram school for becoming an Exorcist and teaches medicine. Yukio stated when he was young that he wanted to be a doctor, which Rin encouraged him to do. His weapon is a gun that contains bullets for different purposes. Ever since he was born, he was able to see demons and was often bullied by them. Rin, having no idea about the demons, always came to his rescue and also was there to help. Yukio is often scared of getting Satan’s power and takes it out on Rin­ often threatening him. Yukio can be described as being calm and collected but can often has moments when he appears to be bi­polar. He kept him being a exorcist and being related to Satan from Rin.


    Shiro Fujimoto

    Shiro Blue Exorcist

    The adoptive father of Rin, and Yukio. He is priest, exorcist and Paladin of the True Cross Order. Paladin is the highest exorcist one can become, and there is only one that can have that title. In attempts to save Rin, he is possessed by Satan in which it untimely killed him. He has a mysterious past and had a protective and kind heart. Shiro knew Yuri, the Okumura twin’s mother, and tried to change her view point of befriending demons.15 years before the series starts, Yuri gives birth to the twins but dies after telling Shiro her last words. With Mephisto at his side, Rin’s power is sealed in the sword Kurikara. Shiro hid this sword in a chest until Rin’s power could no longer be under control. He also used to be a heavy smoker but when he saw Rin smile, he quit. After adopting the twins, he changed the way he did missons to be less violent. One of Shiro’s missions, he helped tamed a familiar, named Kuro.


    Shiemi Moriyama

    Shiemi Blue Exorcist

    Currently has a title as an Exwire at True Cross Academy. She is quiet, shy and loves her friends. She is incredibly loyal and is a very hardworking student. Before she met Rin, she didn’t go to school and couldn’t move on passed her grandmothers death. With Rin’s help, using his own experience, changed Shiemi’s perceptive and now wants to become an exorcist to help others just like her. Her family runs a medical exorcist shop which Yukio comes by often for the academy and personal reasons. Shiemi is close with Rin and Yukio and is upsetwhen they do reckless things.  She summons a familiar named Nee that often protects her and her other classmates.


    Ryuji Suguro

    Ryuji Blue Exorcist

    Known as Bon, is currently an Exwire at True Cross Academy. He is very good in school and is very determined to defeat Satan. Ryuji is the child of the Head Priest that was destroyed during the Blue Night. He was often teased and not taken seriously because of his vow to kill Satan, which now makes Rin his rival. He appears to have a rebellious look with his bleached hair and piercings but he takes everything very seriously. He often get upset with Rin due to having more of a care free attitude. He will do whatever it takes to make sure his friends are safe. He is childhood friends with Shima and Miwa.


    Renzou Shima

    Renzou Blue Exorcist

    Is a Exwire at True Cross Academy. He came to the school with his childhood friends with Ryuji and Miwa, He is carefree and is the joker in a serious situation. He doesn’t care about affiliations, titles, or appearances. Due to the fact he is the 5th youngest son in his family, he lacks some responsibilities. He is shown being very friendly with women and can even come across as a pervert. His hair is dyed pink from his born black color. He uses weapon called K’irk, which he uses more for defense then as an actual weapon. Shima cares for his friends, and will almost do anything to save them, except anything that deals with bugs.


    Izumo Kamiki

    Izumo Blue Exorcist

    Is a Exwire at True Cross Academy. She is often rude to her classmates except for her friend Paku. Izumo often gives a rough exterior but deep down cares when the moments count. Her past is unknown and so is her ambition for wanting to becoming an exorcist. First shedislikes Shemi, but after a battle in which Izumo was saved by her, their relationship grew closer.


    Konekomaru Miwa

    Konekomaru Blue Exorcist

    Is a Exwire at True Cross Academy. Miwa is very protective of the people he grew up with, such as Shima and Ryuji. Out of everyone in the class he is most scared of Satans Flame due to the Blue Night. He works hard as a student and shares common interests with Ryuji with schoolwork gate at the Academy. Rin can hear the inner thoughts of Kuro, when he became sad due to Shiro’s death. Later in the series, events occur that lead Yukio to be able to listen too.


    Shura Kirgakure

    Shura Blue Exorcist

    Used to be Shiro’s student. Her past is also mysterious, but has a strong knowledge of swords. She later becomes Rin’s mentor when her undercover identity is revealed. She has a often skimpy appearance and is very open. Shura drinks but never lets it affect her. The new Paladin, Angel and her often butt heads because they have different viewpoints. She would rather follow her gut then follow the rulebook.


    Mephisto Pheles

    Mephisto Blue Exorcist

    Real name being Samael, is an exorcist and apart of the Eight Demon Kings; The power of Time. To the public eye, his name is Johann Faust V. Out of all the characters, he is the most mysterious and often is very difficult to read. Throughout the show he speaks German, often in numbers, and has a infatuation with Japan. Shiro and him appeared to be on good terms with the way he helped with the incident regarding Yuri. Mephisto often makes bets and enjoys toying with people. He brings in his brother, King of Earth, to help make Rin loose control of his powers. Samuel’s power seems to be strong, but not very much is shown. Since he is a demon, he is not trusted by others.


    Yuri Egin

    Shura Blue Exorcist

    Previously known as a exorcist, who for whatever reason, is resistant to Satan’s flame. She later marries him and bears twin sons; Rin and Yukio. She dies from childbirth before giving Shiro her final wish. She shares a dream with Satan in order to keep peace between Assiah and Gehenna and hopefully to become one.


    Ending Thoughts of Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    After finishing the season, I learned that it  does stray path of the manga, which is slightly upsetting, knowing that it will most likely not have a second season. An irk that Ihave with the way the dialogue is, is how they perceive Rin different from Yukio. When they say the son of Satan, they ONLY refer to Rin­since he has the power. It bothers me, as a watcher, to see that Yukio isn’t even considered. Also the fact that Yukio is so scared of the power that Rin has, even though Rin didn’t have a choice. Yukio is just as much a son of Satan as Rin. The ending was really captivating and made me want to keep watching. They did a good job at explaining the stories of the people involved and having great character development.

    Rating: 8/10 lots of blood, violence, and some fan service is present.