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  • Cowboy Bebop: Big Shot

    Big Shot: The Bounty Hunter’s Show

    Punch and Judy host a show called Big Shot. They cover the latest things that happen throughout the universe for bounty hunters. The Bebop crew are often shown watching the show and getting their bounties. Their slogan is to bring the news of the latest criminals to the 300,000 bounty hunters. It is an over the top cowboy themed, silly and even at times exaggerated show. It only airs for a few minutes at a time in the anime. Big Shot originally makes its debut in the episode Stray Dog Strut.


    Session 2 – Big Shot Sequences


    Punch and Judy

    Punch is one of the co-hosts of Big Shot. On the show he has an unrealistic accent and “shucks howdy!” is his crazy catch phrase. His real name is Alfredo. Faye sees him at the airport in episode 25, where his mother calls out his real name. He was laid off in episode 23.

    Judy is the other co-host of Big Shot. She is bubbly and wears a revealing cowboy outfit. She often acts silly to what Punch says and promotes things in very crazy ways. When Big Shot is cancelled, her true colors are shown. She becomes outraged and yells that they will hear from her manager. Alfredo later reveals to his mother that Judy was engaged to her manager.