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  • Weapon of the Week: Punisher

    Weapon of the Week: Punisher

    The weapon, Punisher, are used by Eye of the Michael members. Only the best are allowed to carry these giant cross-shaped artillery. There are at least ten known to be in existence, Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s being the most known. Each Punisher has different guns and explosive that are held within. Some can split apart while others hold rocket launchers. The weapons within depended on the user and what they were capable of.

    Punisher Users

    Nicholas D. Wolfwood


    His Punisher has a rocket launcher in the back and machine guns on both sides of the front. He also has 8 pistols (Grader 2043) in a storage bin of the side arms (anime only). In the manga, however, the side arms store machine gun bullets.

    Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death


    He has three publishers in total. He has three henchmen who carries them for him.

    Chapel the Evergreen


    This Punisher can split up and create two machine guns.