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  • Anime of Week: Chi’s Sweet Home

    Chi’s Sweet Home

    Chi's Sweet Home

    A manga series created by Kanata Konami. Since 2004, the series has been published in the Weekly Morning manga magazine. Since August of 2014, the series has been collected into 11 volumes. From March of 2008 to September of 2009, the series was adapted into a two season anime with very short episodes.

    The manga follows a grey and white kitten with black stripes. She is separated from her mother and siblings one day and is picked up by a boy and his mother. They eventually take her in as their pet. The story follows her adventure on everyday life with the Youhei family. She eventually begins to answer to Chi after they attempt to housebreak her. This is due to the fact that ‘shi’ is taken from the word shikko, or urine. She meets new people and other animals along the way.