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  • Sailor Moon: Luna-P

    Who or What is Luna-P?

    Luna-P was given to Chibiusa by Sailor Pluto. It was not only a protective device, but a remembrance of her dear friend Luna. It seems to be self aware and follows Chibiusa of its own will. Chibiusa can also use it to communicate to the other Senshi.

    Luna-P follows various commands of Chibiusa. It can change it different devices depending on what she needs. Once it was used as an umbrella to hypnotize Usagi’s family members. In the anime she commanded Luna-P to use magic to create a going away gift for Ami.

    Black Lady was also seen around Luna-P, since it wanted to stay near Chibiusa and protect her. In the anime it was seen as her only friend and it was used to attack the other Senshi’s. In the manga, however, she would abuse it and smack it away from her cursing it.

    Chibiusa was so upset and wanted to help her friends, that in Act 28 of the manga, Luna-P turned into the Pink Moon Stick. This then allowed her to transform into a Sailor Senshi and this was her friend Senshi weapon.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 23 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 23 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 23

    Chibiusa has some dad issues. If her parents spent more time with her, this wouldn’t be a problem. As Black Lacy, she kidnaps Tuxedo Mask for the Wise man. Sailor Moon and the group go to try to find Tuxedo Mask and the others. They end up finding Luna P and are forced to go home when Sailor Moon faints.
    Black Lady and Tuxedo Mask
    Black Lady takes Prince Demande to the Wise man and they attempt to challenge one another. The Wise man tells them to go capture Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal of the past. Black Lady shows them that she has complete control over teh past Tuxedo Mask and he will do anything she asks.
    Black Lady
    Sailor Moon feels a shockwave from the future while in the past. The group decide to transform and head into the future. There they find Black Lady and the future Tuxedo Mask at the Crystal Castle. Black Lady tries to take the Silver Crystal, but is tossed out of the castle by Queen Serenity. The group go to confront Black Lady.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 23 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 22 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 22 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 22


    Chibiusa is tempted by the Wise man as he promises her everything that she needs. He coaxes her more by telling her they can be the to for each other. To me, the Wise man looks gross and no matter ho lonely, I would not take that hand. Yuck!! So much evil courses through Chibiusa that it hits Sailor Pluto in Time/Space.


    In the meantime, Sailor Venus and the Sailor cats are researching the Black Moon in the library. Tuxedo Mask finds Sailor Pluto hurt. She fears the worse for Chibiusa and tells Tuxedo Mask what might have happened. He decides to go to the past without a time key to rescue Chibiusa. At the same time,
    Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon is wondering around looking for the missing Sailor Scouts. She is almost attacked by Blue Saphir but is saved by her future self. She contacts the other Sailor Scouts to meet her. Sailor Moon and the rest try to fight the Black Moon, but retreat in the end to the Time/Space gates. There Sailor Pluto explains what has happened. Chibiusa has turned into and evil mistress called Black Lady and kidnaps Tuxedo Mask for the Wise man.
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 22 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 21 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 21


    Sailor Moon awakens from a terrible dream. She finds that she is in the palace of the enemy and that her body happens to be under some sort of control. Prince Demende is the one controlling her and makes her kiss him. The rest of the Sailor Scouts awaken to find that they can not transform. Before they are able to help Sailor Moon, they are struck down by the enemy.

     Sailor Moon
    Chibiusa is reminiscing about her past and how she has no friends. Well except for Sailor Pluto. It saddens her that her only friend was kidnapped by Tuxedo Mask who also made her a happy person.


    Chibiusa lacks a relationship with her mom and it shows greatly in this episode. It has caused her much hardship in her short life. The lack of relationship also has caused Chibiusa to do something to prove herself when she does not have to. This act may lead to helping the enemy in the end and be able to take over Crystal Tokyo. It also ends up turning her mother into a crystal statue.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 20 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 20

    Chibiusa brings Sailor Moon and the team to the future. There they happen to run into their future selves (go figure). They need each others help and agree to work together. There they also discover that Chibiusa is the daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the future. Diana is also the daughter of Artemis and Luna in the future.

    Tuxedo Mask

    As the Sailor Moon team begins to disappear, they decide to go back to their present time.They get back and Tuxedo Mask acts as if he has forgotten that both parents should be protecting Chibiusa. He begins to take responsibility for her. This makes Sailor Moon sad in the end and left out.


    While Chibiusa is under his care, she escapes to the future to fix problems herself. She is almost killed instead,because she is unable to transform to save herself. At the last minute, the Sailor Scouts arrive to save her.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review
    – Reviews by Fern