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  • Claymore (Anime) Review

    Claymore Anime Review

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoilers)


    I first discovered this anime at the end September while looking at the anime section within my town local library. It seemed like an interesting concept to have female warriors instead of male warriors. So as soon as I could I checked Claymore out of the library and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of the all night anime that I spent watching Claymore.


    Claymore: The Organization

    Claymore Organization

    Claymore is an organization which combines the blood and flesh of creatures called Yoma and inserts it into the bodies of females who are ready to become warriors. These girls now enhanced with these new powers are sent into the world to try and stop Yoma from killing innocent humans. Even though they only come to help others they are not looked upon to kindly for fear that they will stop killing Yoma and start killing humans. This is why they have been given a common name amongst humans as “Silver Eye Witches”.

    These girls are able to use a power called “Yoki aura.”  When using this power it changes there are color from silver to golden and also begins changing their body structure. Such as making their teeth sharper or making their muscle change, but using this power to much can cause them to go past there “Yoki limit” which means that they cannot go back to being a claymore anymore. These girls are each given a special great sword that is engraved with the mark that they were given by the organization. These blades are symbolic because if the Claymore body cannot be found then this sword is used to mark the death of that certain claymore.

    Claymore are also ranked on how powerful they are the scale goes from the #1 to #47.  Claymore live hard lives as weapons used to fight monster and like monster when they go past there use they are killed and forgotten about like their lives meant nothing.


    Plot of Claymore


    The story of Claymore starts out with a Claymore named Clare and one day while on an assignment to kill Yoma meets a young man named Rocky who later decides to travel along with Clare as her personal cook. She must learn what it is like to live with a human and he must learn what it is like to live with a Claymore as his eyes are open up to the strange and dangerous world that Clare lives in. Claymore also features flash back episodes to help give the character more depth and meaning so that you can know what exactly made them the way that they are.
    One special part I would like to talk about is the different kind of monsters that are shown inside Claymore. There are many different kind of classification of monster. The very lowest of the chain are the monster called Yoma which are basically monster who live to eat humans. Then there are Claymore which is the combination of Yoma and Human to create a more powerful human. The next branch is known as awakened beings and there are two different categories of awakened beings. One are Male awakened beings which are a rare and powerful breed of Yoma which are  made when a male Claymore goes past their Yoki limit and eventually becomes a full monster. Then there are female awakened beings which are more common than male awakened beings but are still extremely powerful, Female awakened beings like male awakened beings are made when a female Claymore goes past her Yoki limit and becomes a full fledged monster.

    Claymore was a terrific anime so full of action and drama. I am proud to give this anime 4.5 Stars out of 5 for not only breaking tradition of who should and should not be a warrior but also managing to tug at your heart strings in some scenes. If you are ever in the mood for an action anime then this is one anime that you should definitely watch.