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  • One Piece: Clima Tact

    Nami’s Clima Tact


    Nami uses one main weapon in the One Piece series, her staff. So what is so special about it? Not much until Usopp gets a hold of it really. He turns it into the Clima Tact, which is a great weapon that Nami uses a lot. It is a staff that can withstand hits from Miss Doublefinger’s attacks and has the ability to create weather features as well.

    When the Straw Hat team reached Alubarna, Usopp presented the weapon to Nami. He told her it had three pieces to it and had hollow blue steel segments. When Usopp first created the staff, he intended it to be used for party and parlor tricks. He later turned it into the weather weapon it is now. It was not until the fight with Miss Doublefinger’s that Nami showed the true power of the weapon.

    On each piece of the staff, there lies a button that creates a bubble of air with each a different property. When they are combined in different ways, different results occur. Each of these combinations are useful in battle.

    The Clima Tact Balls

    There are three different balls used to produce different types of bubbles. They are red, blue, and yellow. With Nami’s weather skills, she can create the perfect combination for an attack.

    The red ball creates a heat bubble. It is also known as the Heat Ball.

    The blue ball creates a cold bubble. It is also known as the Cool Ball.

    The yellow ball creates an electric bubble. It is also known as the Thunder Ball.

    Party ‘Attacks’

    Fine Tempo

    Cloudy Tempo

    Thunder Tempo

    Rain Tempo


    Battle Attacks

    Cyclone Tempo

    Mirage Tempo

    Thunderbolt Tempo

    Tornado Tempo

    Fog Tempo

    Thunderstorm Tempo