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    Crimson Shell Manga Review


    Crimson Shell
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    Crimson Shell was very intriguing to me to begin with. I picked up the manga due to the artwork on the cover. I thought it looked very pretty and looked as though I would get wrapped up in the story. I was right. Although the manga was a bit confusing and quickly paced to begin with, it turned out to be very good. The characters were developed pretty well and the plot line was considerably entrancing. The ‘love’ story between Xeno and Claudia is actually very captivating as well.


    The Plot of Crimson Shell


    Crimson Shell
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    Claudia is the Rose Witch, which happens to be the groundwork for the Crimson-Shell. The Crimson Shell is a special division in the Red Rose organization. Their only goal is to recreate the Black Roses which were originally created by a mad scientist. Xeno rescues her from the dark room she is held captive and gives her hope to be something more. As soon as he returns from a mission, Claudia begins to notice changes in him. She begins to question his loyalty. When at last she finds out he was only helping the enemy, she is faced to fight for her life possibly against Xeno himself.

    Here is where the main antagonist, Sion enters the manga. He was disguising himself as a member of her household only to reveal he was the leader of the mutations called Black Rose. He is the Jet Rose. He came to seek revenge for what father did and take claim as the better race. With both having help from other characters, the two end up in a nasty showdown.


    The Characters of Crimson Rose


    Crimson Shell
    Wilhelm, Claudia, Xeno, Sion


    Claudia is the main character of Crimson Shell. She is the Rose Witch and heart of the Crimson Shell project. She is infatuated with a savior named Xeno. She is a quiet and timid girl only seeking freedom from the cage she is in. The short time she gets with Xeno happens to be her freedom. Do not get me wrong, though, if you anger Claudia she has the ability to use veins as weapons and can create an uncontrollable mess. Xeno is the only one that can calm her down. He is her protector and hinted love interest. He is a calm and collective fighter. Towards the end of the manga he betrays Claudia and attempts to kill her. Wilhelm is another important character to Claudia. He is the Thorn of the Red Rose and is in a special contract with Claudia as her protector. A girl named Victoria attempts to seduce him to the Black Rose side at one point.

    Gerhart Bathler and his assistant Victoria are both helping the Black Rose group. Bathler is the Chief officer of the Crimson Shell project. Victoria later uses him as a shield to protect herself from an attack. Victoria poses as the assistant to Bathler, but has a secret of her own. She is tied to the Black Rose group in another way. The leader of the Black Rose, Sion, is the main enemy of the story. He is first taken in as a household member to help out. He befriends Claudia and acts as a timid boy with no skill. He later reveals his true identity and attempts to kill Claudia using Xeno.


    The Artwork of Crimson Shell


    Crimson Shell
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    Like I said I loved the artwork of Crimson Shell. The uniforms were really cool looking. Jun Mochizuki did an amazing job creating the characters appearance as well as the background. I would definitely read more manga illustrated by Mochizuki. I would have to say that Xeno, Wilhelm, and Sion were my favorite character due to their appearance. The way they were drawn out were amazing and it fit their personality as well.


    I would definitely recommend this manga to anyone. The story, characters, and artwork should be reason enough. It is only one volume and everything is wrapped up within it. Crimson Shell will not be a disappointment to any otaku fan into a short romance/action manga. Have a great read!

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    Overall Grade: 9/10