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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 21 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 21


    Sailor Moon awakens from a terrible dream. She finds that she is in the palace of the enemy and that her body happens to be under some sort of control. Prince Demende is the one controlling her and makes her kiss him. The rest of the Sailor Scouts awaken to find that they can not transform. Before they are able to help Sailor Moon, they are struck down by the enemy.

     Sailor Moon
    Chibiusa is reminiscing about her past and how she has no friends. Well except for Sailor Pluto. It saddens her that her only friend was kidnapped by Tuxedo Mask who also made her a happy person.


    Chibiusa lacks a relationship with her mom and it shows greatly in this episode. It has caused her much hardship in her short life. The lack of relationship also has caused Chibiusa to do something to prove herself when she does not have to. This act may lead to helping the enemy in the end and be able to take over Crystal Tokyo. It also ends up turning her mother into a crystal statue.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review
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