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  • Vampire Knight (Anime) Review (Season 1)

    Vampire Knight Season One Anime Review

    (May contain spoilers so read at your own risk)

    Vampire Knight

    My friend kept telling me to watch this anime for quite a few months so I recently decided to pick it up. I was really expecting too much considering it was on Netflix and didn’t really hear much about it. But I was expecting a love story with some twist; however, it was much more than that.


    Plot of Vampire Knight

    Vampire Knight
    Zero and the Night Class

    Vampire Knight takes places at a school called Cross Academy which there are two isolated classes: Day Class and Night Class. Outside these two different worlds are two students who know the secrets of the Night Class. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu have to keep order between the classes due to the fact that the elites that make up the Night Class are actually Vampires!  These Guardians make sure that the Night class doesn’t do harm to the ignorant Day class which are full of humans.  Can Yuki and Zero protect the Day class from the unrevealed secrets of the Vampires?


    Character of Vampire Knight

    Vampire Knight
    Kaname, Zero, and Yuki

    Yuki Cross: The adopted daughter of the headmaster, Kaien Cross. She was saved by the pureblood Vampire Kaname Kuran and had no recognition of anything before his appearance. A few years later she meets a boy named Zero, who she forms a close bond with. When secrets are reveled about Zero’s past, she makes choices that not only change her as a person, it also changes the relationships of the people she holds dear.  She takes her role of being a Guardian very seriously but if Kaname is near, she loses that focus.  No matter what happens, she will always show up with a smiling face.

    Zero Kiryuu: He is Yuki’s childhood friend and has been a brother to her. He is also one of the chosen Guardians that protect the Day class from the Night Class. 4 years before the series starts,his family is attacked by a vampire and is the only one to survive. This incident made Zero have extreme hatred for Vampires (even the good ones).  Later on we learn that he was bitten by the Vampire but why didn’t he turn into one that frightful day 4 years ago? He is often torn of what he wants and what he needs to do and doesn’t like opening up about his past. He is cold towards everyone and slowly starts opening up to only Yuki when his past catches up with him

    Kaname Kuran: He is a pureblood Vampire that is a student for the Night Class at the academy.  He saved Yuki from an attack from a Vampire known as a “Level E”. Ever since that day, he has shown that he cares deeply for Yuki, even in a romantic sense. To other classmates in the night class, he is cold and stern. This does cause some hostility toward Yuki from the Day class. Since Kaname is a “pureblood” Vampire he is capable of controlling Vampires that are not the same as him; however, he doesn’t like to exercise these powers. He wishes that one day the Vampires and Humans can live side by side, the same dream as the headmaster. He is often the center of attention and  gets into arguments with Zero over Yuki.


    After thoughts of Vampire Knight

    Vampire Knight

    After watching the first season, I was a bit confused about the difference in the Vampire “levels” and why a Pureblood was so distinctly different from the other Vampires in the Night Class. I would say look it up, but then there will be spoilers, so I will explain here. “Pureblood” Vampires are Vampires that have NO human ancestry and are considered to be rulers of the other Vampires.There are only 7 pureblood families left and this can be assumed why they are held in such high regard. The “level E” Vampire will be better explained in the anime then if I tried to describe it. Since many twists were exposed throughout this season this made me want to watch the next season as soon as possible to understand the story better.  I would recommend this to individuals that love romance with a side of comedy.

    Rating: 8/10

    Some blood and sexual ideas are present.