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  • Character of the Week: Light Yagami

    Light Yagami

    AKA: Kira (First Kira), Light Asashi, Second L, L-Kira, God
    Blood Type: A
    Date of Birth: February 28, 1986 (1989 in anime)
    Date of Death: January 28, 2010 (2013 in anime), July 10 (in L: Change the WorLd)
    Age: 17-18 (pre-timeskip), 23 (post-timeskip)
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Family: Soichiro Yagami (father, deceased), Sachiko Yagami (mother), Sayu Yagami (younger sister)
    Occupation: Detective
    Organization: Japanese Task Force


    Intelligence: 9/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Initiative: 8/10
    Emotional Strength: 10/10
    Social Skills: 10/10
    Acting Skills: 10/10



    Light Yagami is a very intelligent and hard working person. He is naturally talented in many things. He is often quite frustrated with the worlds justice system and finds a means of change. His use of the Death Note makes him become very ruthless and devoid of love. Light grew up with a detective father. He knows the justice system well as well as how the Japanese Task Force, and the people involved, work. He has an advantage over L in this case.

  • Character of the Week: L

    L Lawliet

    AKA: Hideki Ryuga, Ryuzaki, Eraldo Coil, Deneuve, Suzuki, L-Prime (in L: Change the WorLd)
    Date of Birth: October 31, 1979 (1982 in anime)
    Date of Death: November 5, 2004 (2007 in anime), July 30, 2006 (in L: Change the WorLd)
    Age: 22 (in Death Note: Another Note), 24-25
    Height: 1.79m (estimated)
    Weight: 50kg (estimated)

    Intelligence: 8/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Initiative: 9/10
    Emotional Strength: 10/10
    Social Skills: 1/10
    Sweet Tooth: 10/10

    Watari found L when he was a young child. He took him into the orphanage Wammy’s House. He realized his incredible intelligence and later assists him during cases. L has a highly valued opinion. L is a very secretive person. He is a well known detective and only takes the challenges he wishes to take. He uses various names and all that is known of his real name is Lawliet. He often uses a symbol ‘L’ to represent himself when talking to others. He normally uses Old English MT or Cloister Black font. He is very intelligent, but appears to be very sluggish and lazy. He is very different in this way since he likes to sit very oddly, mostly with both feet on the chair and hunched over. It may come as a surprise, but he is very good at martial arts.

  • That Death, That Response

    Death in Anime

    This is an ever so slightly more morbid blog than I usually do, but hey, Death starts its course as soon as we pop out. Death, however grim and morbid, is also used as dramatic technique to create an emotion or feeling for the viewer, this is usually well received because as Humans this is something that most of us have encountered and as of consequence is easy to relate to.


    Shock Factor of Death

    Yes, in this situation the death was not predicted or at least viewers and readers were uncertain or in denial that the death would actually occur. A perfect example of this would be in Death Note, where possibly one of the most well known deaths occurs, the scene was product to a lot outcry and outrage, but to be honest it was well put to use if I had to put forth my opinion.


    L’s Death

    L Death Note

    His death was one that made you sit back for a few minutes to actually stomach it in and it also raised questions as to how the plot would then proceed, Light and L were regarded as rivals and balanced in terms of intellectuality, and if this was the case, we get the connotations of the scales, L never found out Light’s true nature and this was the fun of it. If we again refer back to the image of the scales, if L had found out about Light’s true nature then the scales would tip, but as he died, the whole weight of his character disappears, as reader and viewers his whole character is gone, we are left with questions and the what ifs. The scales where L and Light balanced each other are gone, instead there is no weight on one side, and as a result we get a giant climax.
    Furthermore, I personally believe that his death was a shock because of the fact that it allowed the author, Tsugumi Ohba so many more opportunities to develop the story, L’s death was a great technique it had the chance to act as a fabulous turning point. Another reason why I believe that L’s death was able to be such a shock was because it was simply the way that his character was developed.
    Ohba and his co-creator Takashi Ohbata were able to together create a character that was eccentric but yet so memorable and lovable that it makes L one of the most unforgettable anime characters, yes I may be exaggerating, but there is a reason, why Death Note has such a popular audience.


    (I have literally just written a memoir for a anime character =.=, huh)

    L Death Note

    To develop this thought slightly further, and sticking to the use of L’s death as an example could the death of L be implying that even the most intellectual and important people are victims of this greater power know as death? I believe so, L, as a classic example of the temptations of human nature. The manipulation that a human or in this case, Light/Kira, could have the ability to end a life with a single sweep, although he wasn’t the direct killer of L, he was certainly the prime causer.
    Analyzing this thought even further, if we look at this on the whole, Death Note is essentially about a book that has the ability to take and kill human lives, disregarding who that individual is. Taking this further, it is common knowledge that by taking any humans life by choice or anything similar is a sin, and an offense, this implies that Kira/Light is essentially playing God, he obviously pays for this later. However this notion detaches him from the norm.
    But it was the tension and rivalry and possibly glimpses of a possible friendship that made it seem as though a story that revolved around the two main characters, was something that could change kira’s personality. And L’s death heralded the great change in Kira, almost conveying that L was the anchor that was still grounding Kira before he went too far.


    So yes, I believe shock factor and using the example above, is one that makes you sit back and just try to rethink the scene that just occurred because maybe it was unbelievable, unpredictable or just merely because a character that you never thought would disappear from the plot did so, and as a viewer you have felt over time that the characters were good enough that you as a viewer are compelled to love them.


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  • Death Note Chapter 109 (Manga) Review

    Death Note the Extra Chapter

    Death Note
    Chapter 109


    So I finally found a copy of the extra chapter from Death Note. It was pretty good and I actually liked how it ended. Near is a little more grown up now and seems to have become ‘L’ fully. He still has his old happens like building things and playing with his hair. He seems to be a bit more like ‘L’ as well in personality.

    Plot of Death Note Chapter 109

    Death Note
    Cries for Death
    Recently a lot of elderly people have been dying. Mostly only the ones who want to die. The investigators from the Japanese Police Force that fought Kira notice a familiar trend. Someone is using a Death Note. Near’s team also notices the trend.
    The Kira Kingdom show is going to be airing a special where people will debate what is going on. They will of course be covered up by glass so their faces will not show. People break through an beg C-Kira to kill them. He grant their wishes. Soon Near airs as L and announces he is not interested in this Cheap Kira. He leaves everything to the Japanese Police Force. It is here that you get a little back story with Near. He mentions that he heard L speak one time at his orphanage and that after that meeting with the children, L chose Near and Mello to be choices for his successors. He chose them because they said nothing to him and had a ‘nasty’ look in their eyes.
    Meanwhile in the Shinigami world, Ryuk is asked if he is responsible by a fellow Shinigami. He explains that another had brought apples from Earth and asked for a second Death Note. He gave it to a human to do as Ryuk had. He comes back at the end of the chapter disappointed. He explains to Ryuk that his human sat still for three days after he killed the people on TV. He then wrote his own name in the Death Note. Ryuk said his human was not mentally capable like Light Yagami. Ryuk stated that his human was weak.
    Death Note
    Like I said it was pretty cool. I enjoyed reading it and liked that it was not just a continuation. I see that too often with great anime’s, they have to add more plot line just to get more money. It’s not great, but just enough to keep the really loyal fans involved. I digress though, sorry :3. Anyways it’s a good extra chapter and in my opinion worth the read.
    Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

  • Death Note (Manga) Review

    Death Note Manga Review

    The Death Note

    When I first heard of Death Note I was not very interested. I did not think that the premise of the story was worth my time. Well eventually I had the urge to read the manga. The character ‘L’ really struck me as an interesting character. Needless to say, I was extremely glad I read the manga. It was not at all what I anticipated Death Note to be about and went past my expectations.


    The Plot of Death Note


    Light Yagami is your average Japanese high school student. He is bored in life though. Luckily, Ryuk, a Shinigami, is also bored in life. He drops his Death Note on Earth in hopes to spice up his life a little. Light just happens to pick it up and discovers if he writes a name down in the notebook, that person will die. Of course there are certain rules to killing a human being.

    The Rules

    Light soon realizes he can use this notebook to rid the world of evil. He starts to kill off criminals by giving them heart attacks. He eventually becomes known as the god Kira to the public. The world justice system is also alerted to a murderer named Kira. L is the best detective in the world and sets out to find out who Kira is in real life. It just so happens that L is working with Light’s father in the Japanese Police Department.

    Light is able to know all of L’s moves due to his father’s connection. Eventually L suspects that it could be a member of the police force working with him or their family member. During this time Light has to figure out a way to keep killing without being seen by L.

    During this time another Shinigami, Rem, sees what Ryuk has done and also gives his notebook to a human being. Her name is Misa Amane, which ironically Kira killed the criminal which recently killed her parents. She worships Kira and begins to kill in his ways. She reaches him through Sakura TV station. Not much longer after they meet, L catches on to Misa and captures her. Light thinks of an elaborate plan to get her back and no longer end up as a suspect. He and Misa both give up ownership to the notebooks and do time to prove their innocent.

    Since they gave up rights to the notebooks, they no longer remember what happened, so they act truly innocent. L still suspects Light as Kira so he handcuffs himself to Light. By now Rem has given a notebook to someone with the instructions to carry out Kira’s wishes. Due to a lot of spoiler issues, Light and Misa eventually get the notebook back.

    At this point, L has died. He left two successors, but never told which one would be the new L. So to claim the name, both Near or ‘N’, and Mello have made it a goal to catch Kira separately. I really do not want to spoil the story, but it pretty much comes down to Light and Near coming face to face in an empty warehouse in Japan. The plot is a simple cat and mouse game, but elaborately done.


    The Characters of Death Note

    Characters of Death Note

    Light Yagami is the main character of the story. He starts out as a quite high school student. He eventually becomes a killing machine. He becomes more aggressive and violent. The Death Note really changes his characteristics.

    Misa Amane is in love with Light because he is Kira. Her parents were murdered not that long ago and Kira eventually ends up killing their murderer. She adores him because of this and really wants to become his wife.

    L is a really a funny guy. He touches everything as if it was dirty and eats constantly. I hated that his character died. L really knew that Kira was Light.

    Near and Mello also grew up in the orphanage that L grew up in. They were trained like him to become better than him. It was only to late that they both realized that together they were better than L, but apart they were not. Near acts as if he is a child and constantly plays wit action figures while he is telling his plans and theories. Mello is more take charge kind of guy, but addicted to the chocolate.

    Each Shinigami (Ryuk, Rem, and Sidoh) are only there because of Ryuk’s curiosity. Rem is a female Shinigami, thus takes to Misa and dies for her. Sidoh is only briefly on Earth because Ryuk gave Sidoh’s Death Note to a human. Ryuk is only on Earth to be entertained by Light’s plan.


    The Art and Ambiance of Death Note

    Death Note Manga
    Light and the Shinigami

    The art and ambiance of Death Note is what really set up the story. The art is more on the realistic side of manga’s. It gives the reader a feeling of reality. They are able to relate to the characters better since there are normal settings and normal characters. Death Note also gives the dark feeling. It touches on the reality of death and the Shinigami worlds. It gives a cold and fearful feeling while reading these sections.


    Like I said, I did not anticipate how awesome this manga could have been. I am so glad that I gave it a chance and read Death Note. I was hooked after the first page. It is so enchanting. Death Note is not a manga you want to pass up on. You definitely need to go read it right now!


    Overall grade: 10/10