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  • The “Symmetrical” Type

    Death the Kid

    “I’m going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be. Until the world is balanced.”

    death the kid

    Death the Kid (usually goes by “Kid” on an everyday basis) is a powerful Shinigami that has power over the the Demon Twin Guns, Patty and Liz Thompson. Serving as a second apprentice for his father, Death, he is to inherit the responsibilities of a Shinigami.



    I call the the symmetrical type because as if you didn’t know, he has OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder). His disorder is so bad that he will stop in the middle of a fight to fix something and can easily get distracted with it. His favorite number is 8 because of its symmetry and its ability to divide out evenly.

    He’s very mature and precise in his own special way. Additionally, he’s also very cool,calm, and collected.


    “If you can pick a fight with the God of death, I can not guarantee your soul’s safety.”