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  • Gin’s Take On: Eren


    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.


    Eren is the mainn protagonist of the popular anime series Attack on Titan. You probably knew that though.


    Gin’s Take


    Eren’s character is first introduced when he is having a nightmare. He awakens with tears rolling down his face. At the beginning of the season, Eren seems young and innocent. This is not the case after teh titans break through the walls. His tears seemed to foreshadow the hurt and emotional upheavals which were to come. We then get introduced to his family and as we witness, his relationship with his mother. This and the developments that occur all add up to emphasise the response Eren would have towards the loss of his mother. In a way, these few scenes teach us a lesson to love and treasure our parents while we can.

    Personally for an anime to actually interest me, it requires some boom at the start. The gore and the blood sure got me! I literally had to shut my eyes when his mother died. Eren then vows to exterminate all titans and this is where it all gets fuzzy. We see flashbacks of his father and him in a forest. There are theories that the injection is what caused Eren to become a titan shifter. Thent eh theory goes further and says that he ate his father to seal teh ritual. It is a little fuzzy in my head!

    Sooner or later, Eren who has always had an infatuation with the Survey Corps and their idea of freedom, joins the Survey Corps to get closer to his goal of revenge. I personally believe that the significance of Eren’s character and his drive for revenge makes him easy to understand. Revenge is a very human emotion. Attack on Titan seems to face the dark themes of sacrifice and the reality of death. This allows Eren’s character to fit perfectly with the storyline. However, certain aspects of his character are so annoying. That impulsive hot-head behaviour, it is like he wants to die sometimes.


    Ereri Fandom


    It is hard to talk about Eren without bringing up the subject of Ereri. Don’t know what that is? Well if you are a fan of Attack on Titan, or have watched it, you know about the character Levi. there are people who love to place the two characters together as a relationship. As fandom goes, this one is even worse than Free!, but no way near as bad as Fairy Tail. As much as I love the characters, there are times when I see a yaoi picture of Eren and Levi and just think ‘Why?’ As far as I am concerned, Levi does not even like Eren.

    The shipping is literally everywhere. As I scrolled for pictures for Eren, I can safely say that the fandom has some very imaginative minds when it comes to yaoi fanart. Poor Gin is scarred! Scarred I tell you!! Just kidding, I am not that innocent.


    Gin’s Verdict on Eren


    Eren is a character that is half teenage angst and half admirable and brave. Even if it is at a stupidly brave level. his will to carrt out his revenge is interesting to watch. Attack on Titan is one of those animes of which the character popularity gets blown up, but with characters like Eren it is alright. Eren will never be one of my favorite characters, mainly because he isn’t terribly intellectual. The suspense in the anime is certainly appealling.

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