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  • Akame Ga Kill (Anime) Review

    Akame Ga Kill Anime Review

    *May contain spoilers. Read at your own risk*

    Akame Ga Kill

    Normally I don’t go for the gory anime because of the nature, but all I heard were positive comments about this anime. (At the time only 3 episodes were out). I was expecting lots of action, gore and little romance.


    Plot of Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill

    Tatsumi and his two friends set out for the capital to bring peace to their home village. Along the way, Tatsumi and his friends get separated but luckily he finds a noble’s family home to stay the night. That night a group called “Night Raid” came to kill the family and servants inside. Little did Tatsumi know that the family intended to torture and kill him, just like they did with his friends and dozens of other people. By the end of the night, Tatsumi was saved by Night Raid and their “Imperial Arms” and joined the assassins. What are the secrets behind each member and how is Night Raid going to fix the corrupt government?


    Characters of Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill


    Tatsumi is a compassionate, young male who went to the capital with his two childhood friends to find better income for their poor village. On the night he discovered his two friends were killed, he joins Night Raid in order to fix the corrupt government. To make things right, he carries the missions and throughout the series shows great toughness physically and mentally. HIs relationship with his comrades is his strength.



    The story is from Akame’s point of view not Tatsumi. She is a skilled swords women who has a complicated relashionship with her younger sister, Kurome, who tries to kill her. Akame wieldsa Imperial Arms sword that if touched, spread poison throughout your body and kills you. She has seen many deaths and carries that burden with her to achieve greatness.



    Leader of Naid Raid. She once was the general of the imperial army. Her rival is Esdeath because of the nature of her actions. Before they went their separate ways, they had a battle in which Najenda lost a eye and a arm.


    Prime Minister Honest

    He is the prime minister of the Empire. He is a corrupt politician who seems to be trustworthy, but easily manipulates the naive Emperor. He bribes and makes false accusations to people around him to maintain his authority. He even sacrificed his son to maintain his selfish requests.



    She is the leader of Jaegers, the counter group of Night Raid, and a high ranking officer from the Empire. She is considered the most powerful assassin in the Empire and might be (if notstronger) than Najenda. As a women, she wants to fall in love. During a competition battle in the Capital, she ffalls in love with Tatsumi. This becomes a life changing moment for her in more ways than one.


    After thoughts on Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill

    As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of gore. This has gore all over it, in every episode and its not like a paper cut. Other than that aspect, there are many great feats. The story was compelling and made me want to keep watching. The action was wonderful to see. The only downfall is the attachment to the characters that you will have. As for any show, there are characters that you love and want to live. This series rips out your heart and stomps on it. This is defiantly a tear jerker and worth watching.


    Disturbing and gory images, Little to no cursing, a smidgen of sexual ideas.