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  • Evergreen (Manga) Review

    Manga Review: Evergreen

    WARNING: SPOILERS……well kinda.

    Evergreen started off with the potential to be one of my top ten favorites, this started changing the more I read it. The story was not all that original but I thought it was really good. It was slightly predictable and a straight up surprised at times also. It was very dramatic but had its very calming and romantic moments also. It had great comedy moments but seemed the writer was throwing comedy out the window after a few chapters. I laughed, almost cried, and was surprised all at the same times in some moments and in others was completely pissed off. The ending was rushed or at least it seems that way and it took a spiral going down at about the chapter 17 mark. It was a real big shame the way it turned out.


    Characters of Evergreen

    Although I did enjoy the characters. Hotaka was interesting and Niki is the kind of girl I would definitely wife up. And the side character didn’t even seem like side characters because they actually got development. They were their own characters and I could actually bond and relate to their situations. No kidding if you read my first impression you can see or feel how excited i was when reading the begging of this. But the more I read I notice that the more important characters didn’t get enough background story and we’re just plain confusing at times and I felt like I just couldn’t really connect to them more because of how little information was given about them.

    The Art of Evergreen

    As for art, the are was freaking amazing. I loved it. It was beautiful and the character design was amazing. It made the story all that much more enjoyable when dramatic moments happens because you could feel and see everything from expression all the way to they way there stature was. The art was spectacular to me.


    The Plot of Evergreen

    In the start of this manga, I really loved everything about it. It was a great romantic comedy/drama with amazing development and a very enjoyable story. I love the way it kept me guessing what was going to happen next. After chapter ten, I kinda lost track to where this was going and at then end of it the payoff was kinda bad and the ending was really bad. Like I said before, I feel like it was rushed. This manga deserves much credit because some manga these days are very predictable. Especially, in this kind of genre but it still kept me guessing and kept me reading.


    Final Thoughts on Evergreen

    Overall, I pretty much loved everything about this manga up until about the 15 chapter mark. Some of the best romantic comedy/drama plot I have seen in a while. That is to be expected because Yuyuko Takemiya never ceases to amaze me with her work. And kudos to Akira Kasukabe for the amazing artwork to go along with it. And though the ending kinda ruined everything for me, I’m going to give this manga a 8/10 because those first 15 chapters were just too good. It is kinda hard to end a manga in a good way also so you can’t base the whole story on the ending. At least I think so. If you liked, Toradora, Golden Time, or like Romantic comedy’s in general. Give this one a read. If you read this before and have different opinions than mean, please comment. Comment, like, send me a hate message. Whatever you like. Thanks for Reading

    -Manga Llama-