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  • Genre Talk: Adventure

    The Adventure Anime Genre

    Popularity: 10/10

    Commonly mixed with action, historical, or fantasy.

    “A life with no adventure in it is boring. The least a friend can do is stir up a little trouble in your heart.”

    – Gai Tsutsugam (Guilty Crown)


    When it comes to this genre, the story is drawn out and very detailed. Of course, as the name suggests, the characters are often in search of something. The story line tends to be strong as well as character development, mostly due to the fact they are long stories. The long story can sometimes be tedious to get through and often people will pause watching the series (or reading) and move to something else for a while.

    Adventures are usually a genre in which the main character must risk their lives to reach the goal. The risks can be financial, psychological, or physical. Adventure anime’s can usually cause people to have motivation to get things done. This is because the character is often being given motivation to complete the task.

    Examples of Adventure

    One Piece

    The most well known adventure anime out there. Luffy is on the search for the ultimate pirate treasure, One Piece. With a crew, each member gained as a separate adventure, they sailed through the Grand Line. A series that focuses on its character and plot development.

    Digimon Adventure

    A group of kids are drawn to the Digital World to search for a way to save both that world and reality. They face many perils along the way as well as other small adventures.

    Samurai Champloo

    A pairing of three random people in search for a samurai that smells of sunflowers.

  • Gin’s Take On: Lucy Heartfilia


    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.

    lucy heartfilia
    So who is this ravishing young lady? Well, she’s great at advertising fan service and also great at dishing out giant melons. Natsu also happens to constantly be saving her. Lucy Heartfilia is one of the main female protagonists of the anime Fairy Tail. She is a Celestial Spirit Mage as well as a member of the Fairy Tail Guild.


    Gin’s Take

    lucy heartfilia

    I am not an avid fan of Fairy Tail, correction, I hate it. I respect that others enjoy it though. I personally have read the manga up to the Dragon Arc and Future Lucy’s Message. I have seen some of the anime. Lucy’s character is one that stems many haters. I do not particularly hate her, but she is so annoying.  Rather than her being annoying, it is the way in which she is portrayed. After all, is it necessary for a male character’s head to be stuck in between her breasts all the time?!


    Lucy is Weak

    lucy heartfilia

    Lucy is part of a team Natsu, described as the ‘strongest team,’ and to be honest she is weak! Without her keys she is completely weak and defenseless. She still has her whip and is good with it, but still not that great. She could be strong, but we do not see her doing many action scenes.
    Now in terms of how useful she is, then now you are getting somewhere. She is incredibly useful to the plot. Not for the fan service though. She is used as a device to symbolize the team strength of not only the members, but he guild.


    Gin’s Verdict on Lucy

    lucy heartfilia

    Ignoring Lucy’s breasts, she is a weak character with a greater inner strength than her companions, which are more annoying than her.
    If you enjoy Fairy Tail, then great. But I can not pick it up again, it is too boring for me.

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