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  • Character of the Week: Akatsuki



    Anime: Log Horizon

    Age: 20
    DOB: July 7
    Height: 150cm (4’11”)
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Occupation: Log Horizon Guild Member

    Class: LV 90: Assassin – A weapon based class type you can choose in the game Log Horizon, Health and MP are average, long cool down periods, and high burst damage.
    Assassinate: Does strong burst of damage, strongest of the Weapon based class.
    Sub-Class: Lv90: Tracker – A sub-class that gives the ability to track foes or monsters easier
    Sneak: Self-concealment
    Silent Move: Motion without noise
    Overskill: Shadow Lurk – Combining her Assassin class with her tracking sub-class, she develops this technique. It allows her to create clones of herself as long as she holds her breath.



    “A ninja does not know how to fail” -Akatsuki

    Akatsuki is one of the ones sucked into the game Elder Tales after the apocalypse. In this game, she finds Shiroe, and she changes her appearance to make it her own size. She is a short purple haired girl with purple eyes. She calls herself a ninja in service to Shiroe and will do anything for him, and likes him. She is always seen doing secret work for him as a ninja, or kicking Naotsugu in the face for saying something perverted. In the real world she is the same age as Shiroe, and in college. She is seen to be a quiet-type Character, but talks to Shiroe and Log Horizon. She is very temperamental about her age after, as in the real world, a middle school boy confessed to her in college thinking they were the same age, leaving her bedridden for weeks.

    Her name can mean Dawn or Daybreak in Japanese.
    She has a younger sister that looks older than her in the real world.
    Her outfit is called the “Black Clothes of Everlasting Darkness” – which increases strength of the character wearing it if they are in the dark.
    Chosen by Tsuna Decimo

  • Magi (Anime) Review

    Magi Series Anime Review 

    Summary of Magi: 

    In a mystical world based on the setting of the ‘1001 Nights’ story, Aliabab yearns to conquer a dungeon, a mysterious tower that, if beaten, can grant power and wealth. However, it isn’t until a young boy named Aladdin, who appears to posses his very own magical abilities, comes along that Alibaba gains the courage to venture inside. Soon, what appears to be an exciting adventure unravels into an evil plot much bigger than they anticipated.


    The Plot: 

    One of the few problems I had with this series is the rushed first few episodes and the lack of an overarching storyline at the beginning (this is apparent later on).

    Once you get past the first three episodes, though, you’ll start liking the little arcs and the speed dies down to fit in the development needed, especially in the second season.

    What I specifically found admirable about the plot and the world in general, however, were the issues discussed throughout the whole series such as slavery, poverty, war, identity, fate, and politics. There are some dark aspects in Magi, and I applaud the staff for it.

    Score: 8.1/10 


    The Characters of Magi: 

    Where the story lacks, the characters soar. I can honestly say that the cast was unique, fun to watch, and many of them were developed excellently. Despite all of that, the main three (Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana) were still the stars.

    But before I ramble on too much, there is one key factor that I would like to point out: the amazing female characters. There are very few anime where the girls add as much to the story as the guys, and I’m proud to say that Magi is one of said anime. Morgiana, Kougyoku, Hakuei. The list goes on and on.

    I mean, even the fanservice providers (Yamuraiha and Meirs) have actual motivations and personalities. Thumbs up, Magi!

    Score: 9.3/10


    The Animation of Magi: 

    Although the animation was sort of choppy during the first season, the second season made up for it and absolutely blew me away. Just by looking at the opening, major improvements can be seen. I also enjoyed the vibrant colors and the fact that the censorship was kept to a minimum, which leads to some amazing imagery, even if it is a bit gory. Nothing too over the top, thought, so don’t get scared off.

    Score: 8.4/10 


    The Soundtrack of Magi: 

    As for the sound, it did its job well. The openings and endings were catchy (some more than others), and the music set the tone very nicely. I think the music definitely took flight in the second season, but the first season pulled the score back down. Still a good soundtrack overall.

    Score: 7.9/10 


    Overall Enjoyment of Magi: 

    I, personally, loved this anime. It has successfully landed a spot as one of my all time favorite anime, definitely in the top five. Plot was executed nicely for the most part, the characters were nothing short of legendary, and the entire series just put together everything perfectly. I was definitely impressed.

    Score: 9.0/10

    And so…

    Plot: 8.1/10
    Characters: 9.3/10
    Animation: 8.4/10
    Soundtrack: 7.9/10
    Overall Enjoyment: 9.0/10

    FINAL SCORE: 8.54/10

    I definitely recommend this anime.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Character of the Week: Kazuma Yagami

    Kazuma Yagami

    Kazuma Yagami

    Anime: Kaze no Stigma

    Age: 22

    Occupation: Contractor

    Family: Kannagi (the strongest fire user family however, he was banished)

    Kazuma Yagami

    Kazuma is a contractor of The Wind Spirit Lord and was abandoned by the Kannagi family after losing to Ayano during the successor ceremony for Enraiha. He returned to Japan three years later as the most powerful user of wind & Fū-jutsu. His family is ashamed of him for learning wind magic instead of fire magic (which is traditional to his family), although he is still quite powerful. They even decided to banish him out of the family because of it. He’s mostly seen as either an hero or antagonist & only works for money. If Kazuma is very mad, his eyes change from orange to a crimson red. Additionally, when he is in a state of extreme rage, he goes into his “Black Wind” form, which gives him extra power, but he usually can’t control it. Later in the series, he reveals that ultimately Black Wind is pathetic. Kazuma is also very calm & sarcastic too, which is a plus, as it adds to his charm & egoist personality. Most of the time he is searching to become more and more powerful when he is not in the middle of a fight. Before he was banished out of his family, he was a kinder and sweeter person, but quickly became bitter after the dramatic change of events.