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  • Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (Anime) Review

    Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Anime Review


    It is extremely hard to review and critique an anime that is as truly brilliant and this one was, but I’m going to try it anyway. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is without question one of the best anime of its generation. It is produced to near perfection in almost every way.


    Sometimes it can be easy to get bogged down in thinking that a good story has to be overly complex, or that it has to take lots of twists and turns. For FSN however this is not the case. While the story isn’t anything groundbreaking, it is good enough to keep you drawn in, and feels more like the journey is more important than the destination. It is simple, yet punchy and feels like it has weight.

    Despite me calling the plot simple (which again doesn’t mean bad), it never fails to feel like it’s actually moving forward. There is always something happening and no episode made you feel like nothing worthwhile had transpired. The story is mainly driven forward by its characters, with their differing morals and attitudes creating conflict.


    Characters of Fate/Stay Night

    The characters in FSN are superb. They all feel unique, with their own goals and motivations. This is helped by the fact that the cast is smaller than that of Fate Zero, so the more important cast members receive more screen time than they would have done. This extra screen time really feels like it allows the characters change and develop a lot more as people over the course of the show.

    Shiro Emiya, the main character, grows from a frankly feeble and useless mage to a proficient fighter with the help of the more adept mage Rin Tohsaka, who serves as the love interest. It is interesting to see how, even though they clearly care for each other, their motivations conflict with Rin believing it is most important to look after yourself first, and Shiro believing he should always put other people before himself.

    Gilgamesh acts as the main villain for much of the show, and he is as annoying as he was back in Fate Zero, and does a really good job of making you hate him. This version of FSN, as opposed to the 2006 edition, is principally about the struggle between Shiro and Archer however, and without giving too much away, it’s really “wow”.


    I’m hard pushed to think of an anime that consistently looks as amazing as this one does. The character designs all look stunning, and the animation (especially during the fight scene) look fluid and are a joy to watch.

    The sound in this anime is second to none also. The music always compliments and fits the mood of the scene when it is used, and also the intro music is excellent and really gets you pumped.


    So the verdict: Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works is an exemplary work of art that both fans of the series and newcomers alike will love. For me it is the standout series of late 2014 and early 2015, and I give it 9/10.

    Episodes: 25

    Running Date: 4th October 2014 – 27th June 2015

    Studio: Aniplex, Notes, Ufotable

    Score: 9/10

    Verdict: Must Watch

  • Fate/Stay Night (Anime) Review

    Fate/Stay Night Anime Review



    Fate/Stay Night is a very hard anime to get into once you have seen Fate/Zero. This is a continuous story of the War of the Holy Grail. Most characters are the same from the original but obviously older. The story revolves around Emiya Shirou, the adopted son of Emiya Kiritsugu. He battles with Saber as Kiritsugu did in Fate/Zero. At first Saber makes no mention of working with Kiritsugu in the last Holy Grail War until the story is nearly completed.


    The Story

    Fate/Stay Night
    Shiro and Saber

    There are many reasons why I did not really care for Fate/Stay Night as a sequel to Fate/Zero. I feel as though this was the child’s version. The Masters consist of a bunch of high school kids that go to the same high school, unlike Fate/Zero which consisted of a much more adult based Master and they gathered from different parts of the world. It was a disappointment due to the fact that the story really was not consistent to the prequel. I was not truly interested in Fate/Stay Night until Gilgamesh made an appearance. From then the anime had the same feeling as prequel. It was more destructive in nature and as heart wrenching as the prequel. The fact that Shirou allowed Saber to finish her duties and did order her to stay was a very noble thing of him. He let her go even though they loved each other so much.


    The Art


    The art in Fate/Stay Night is the exact same as Fate/Zero. The only issue I had was episode 15. The CG dragon was not impressive at all. I felt as though the CG graphic was too similar to Reboot, which is a 90s American made cartoon. That is just sad really to have to compare a 2006 anime to a 90s cartoon.


    The Characters


    Like I said the majority of characters in Fate/Stay Night are ones once previously met in Fate/Zero Really the only character that remains the same is Tohsaka. She is still the strong headed child (now teen) from the prequel. At first there was no mention of the fact that Sakura was her sister in Fate/Stay Night, but eventually that story came along. Sakura’s character should not have been the way it was though. I feel as though her character would have been more messed up in the head from what occurred in Fate/Zero. Plus she was being trained to be the replacement of the Mato’s Master, but it was Shinji instead. There was no mention of Shinji’s character in the prequel so I am unsure of where he came from. Shirou’s character is only mentioned in the last episode of Fate/Zero so his character was allowed to be played around with at the time.

    Kotomine’s character is pretty much the same as well. Ilya, though, was also another problem. There is never any mention what-so-ever about the fact that Kiritsugu was her biological father and that Shirou is her adopted brother in Fate/Stay Night. I am sure there is a reason for that, but still at least a mention of it at the end would’ve been nice. Gilgamesh’s character remains the same as well. He is still the over cocky king from Fate/Zero.


    Overall Grade 5/10