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  • Fate/Zero (Anime) Review

    Fate Zero

    Logo of Fate/Zero
    Fate/Zero Logo

    Fate/Zero is not an anime for the light hearted. This anime leaves no one out of the picture to die. Even children die in this anime. Fate/Zero tells the truth about war, people die. That was one of the reasons I loved Fate/Zero. Anime’s that show the truth are often the best kind. They are not afraid to do anything.


    Fate Zero Plot

    Fate/Zero Plot
    Waver Using a Command Spell

    The main plot of the story is to obtain the holy grail. The holy grail allows the person to be granted one wish, their true desire. Seven people are selected to fight the war. Only mages or people with the ability to use magic can enter the fight. The seven people are chosen by the holy grail itself. In Fate/Zero, these mages obtain the grail by fighting each other with a legendary hero. These are past and future heroes who have changed the world in a significant way.


    Fate Zero Characters

    Fate zero masters and servants

    The characters of Fate/Zero have very believable personalities. Plus a lot of historical heroes play key roles in the anime. Each character has his or her own story line and why they chose to be part of the holy war. The main characters, though, are Kiritsugu and Saber. Kiristugu wants to save the world from ‘bad’ people, but little does he know that the only way to do this is to kill those ‘bad’ people. Saber wants to redo her past. She was once the king of Britain, King Arthur. The fact that King Arthur was really a girl (only according to the anime) actually makes a nice twist.


    Fate Zero Animation and Soundtrack

    Fate/Zero OST
    OST Cover

    The animation is amazing in Fate/Zero. The fact Kiritsugu strongly resembles Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike Spiegel should say something about the animation. It really does resemble older anime’s. But the animation isn’t the only thing that bring back memories of other anime’s. The soundtrack sounds similar to older anime’s as well.

    The voice acting was impeccable. Everyone sounded as they were suppose to sound. The plot line is amazing and not much can be told about it without spoiling very good plot twists. Fate Zero deserves a 9/10. I loved it!


    Check out this AMV of Fate/Zero by Sabrina Murray: