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  • Loveless: Fighters & Sacrifices

    Battles in Loveless

    Fighter (Sentouki)

    In Spell Battles, the Fighter is the one using the spells. They are teamed with a Sacrifice, whom they must follow commands. Fighters are able to control the battle with defensive and offensive spells. It is rare to see two Fighters fighting on their own due to the fact it is considered taboo. Another taboo is for a Fighter and Sacrifice of different names to be a team.

    In most cases a Fighters strength relies on their Sacrifice’s support for them since they share the same name. Their destined name will appear on their body, somewhere visible. he only exception to rules are blank Fighters and artificially created Fighters, Zero. The Zero series can share a name, but when the bond is dissolved the name disappears.

    Notable Fighters

    Soubi Agatsuma

    Natsuo Sagan

    Kouya Sakagami

    Nisei Akame

    Sacrifice (Gisei)

    In Spell Battles, Sacrifice’s give the commands and take the damage for the Fighters. If the Sacrifice is fully restricted by the other team, the battle is won. If the Sacrifice is not around, the Fighter takes all damage, but this reflects a bad bond between the two. It is said that if a Sacrifice dies, the Fighter should as well showing the true bond.

    The name of the Sacrifice will appear on their body, somewhere visible. Although their are no blank Sacrifice’s, the Zero team Sacrifice’s name disappears when their bond fades. Ritsuka is also an exception to the rule. His name has yet to appear on his body. No Sacrifice’s have been shown casting spells except for Seimei.

    Notable Sacrifices

    Ritsuka Aoyagi

    Seimei Aoyagi

    Youji Sagan

    Yamato Nakano

    Ritsu Minami