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  • Vision of Escaflowne: Zaibach Empire of Gaia

    Zaibach Empire

    The Zaibach Empire was once a desolate kingdom on Gaia. The lands were barren and climate was harsh. The people who lived there faced hunger, sickness, and many invasions. That is until a scientist named Isaac arrived. He told them about science and developed their nation into a powerful state. Since they were technologically evolved, they surpassed many rival nations. Isaac became the Emporer of Zaibach and was called Dornkirk.

    The Zaibach Empire are attempting to control the world to create a new era of peace. The Zaibach military uses a Guymelef as a main fear tactic. These are giant robot type technology. They posses a stealth cloak and are great at surprise attacks.

    Members of Zaibach


    He is the leader of the Zaibach Empire. He is extremely old.

    Folken Lacour de Fanel

    A lead cams see if Zabach and follows Dornkirk’s direct orders. He is Vans older brother.

    Dilandau Albatou

    He is a young leader of the Dragon Slayers, Zaibachs Warriors. He has a short temper and mysterious past. He also has a rivalry with Van.

    The Dragon Slayers

    Warriors of Zaibach under Dilandau’s control. Main warriors: Chesta, Migel Labariel, Dallet, Gatti, and Guimel.


    Folken found this doppelgänger and convinced him to began to work for the Zaibach Empire.

    Naria and Eriya

    These twins were abandoned by their family. They were taken in by Folken and answer only to him.


    He is loyal to Dilandau and also takes care of him.

    The Four Generals

    Adelphos Gein (Red Copper Army), Helio Eides (Bronze Army), Zodia Quu (Black Iron Army), Getin Gus (White Silver Army)


    Garufo, Foruma, Paruchi, Kuaru