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  • Fossil Fighter (Video Game) Review

    Fossil Fighters Video Game Review

     Fossil Fighter Fossil Fighter 2

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoilers)

    Now before I began the actual review I would like to tell you something about my past, as a child I loved going to the museum all the time and my favorite exhibit there was the dinosaur exhibit. This also made me want to be an archeologist because there world always fascinated me. This game was amazing for because it made feel as close to being an archeologist that I will ever experience in my lifetime. This not only let you feel like being able being an archeologist but also showed a world in which dinosaur not only were able to come back to life but people are able to control these dinosaurs in fights.
    Fossil Fighter is for the Nintendo DS, so it has no need to be saved onto a memory card because all the data is saved onto its little card. This game is available to buy at GameStop as well as any other gaming store. This game is a lot like the DS Game Spectrobes with a few changes. In this game you go out into different worlds to find fossils and then you bring these fossils back to life and you use these fossils to fight. The fighting system is somewhat like Pokémon where you can use certain moves but unlike Pokémon you get so many points you can use and you can use every one of the dinosaur on your team so long as you have the points to power up there attack.


    Plot of Fossil Fighter

    This game is about a young boy who leaves his home town to go be a fossil fighter. He first must talk to the captain about what his favorite kind of dinosaur is, and then he has to talk to the professor about becoming a fossil fighter. There are different areas that you can go in but you must be on the right level of fossil fighter. You go through a test to go up another level, first you have to take a cleaning test where you must get a certain amount of points to pass then you have to go into a battle against an npc fighter. There further you go along the stronger the npc is.


    Fossils of Fossil Fighter

    I will now be going into more detail on the different things you can do in Fossil Fighter. The first part I will go into detail is the fossil finding.  You basically go into different areas of this remote island. You are given a pickaxe to dig and radar to see things under the ground. This radar however cannot tell the difference between a few things. One thing is that it cannot tell whether it is a new or fossil that you already have or a normal rock that isn’t worth anything or a jewel fossil that you can clean and sell for money. This makes it a real luck whether you get something you want or just a stupid rock that you just place back into the ground. You can only hold so many fossils in your bag too. So if you go out looking for fossils then you will probably fill your bag with the same fossil you already have, of course you can empty your bag but wouldn’t it be terrible looking all around for a new fossil and not finding a single new one.
    In this paragraph I will be talking about the cleaning process. When you want to bring a fossil back to life you have to clean it off and try to get as many points up so that your dinosaur will be stronger. You get a x-ray machine so you can the shape of the fossil. Then there is a hammer to smash away large parts of the rock that you have no use for but it also can damage your fossil if you don’t use it well. Then there is your drill which isn’t nearly as powerful as the hammer but is very good for getting rid of small pieces of rubble. The last cool feature of this game is the fact that you can blow into your microphone to get rid of the little pieces of chipped rock so that you can see the fossil better. This is gives the whole cleaning processes a slightly more realistic feel to it because you are physically moving the rubble.


    The Battle System of Fossil Fighter

    The next part I will talk about is the battle system of Fossil Fighter. You can have a total of three dinosaurs on your team. You can have two on the side of your team as back up fighters and one in the front who will take the most damage. You are given points every turn, you get about 100 points in the beginning. Then you use these points in each attack you use. Every dinosaur whether in the front or on the sides can attack, the more points you save you can use to use a massively strong attack that can probably kill a dinosaur but you must save a lot of points up while your opponent attacks you.  You must use the points you get wisely so that you can make the turn really count.


    Playing Fossil Fighter

    The graphics in Fossil Fighter are not bad but they are also not amazing but what can you expect for a game that does not use any kind of external memory card. This game is tons of fun whether you want to hurry through the story to beat it or you want to collect your dinosaurs together and get all the dinosaurs and all the parts for all the dinosaurs. This game is a game that is worth checking out even if you don’t usually play games like this.

    Fossil Fighter was given a score of 8.6 on the GameStop.com by other people who have played the game. It was also given a score of 4.11 on gamefaqs.com and a score of 70 on metacritc.com. This game has gotten a good score on all gaming websites that I follow. It was also given the title of 54th highest role-play game for DS. I give this game a 4.5 stars out of 5 for its fun experience as you must try and be a great fossil fighter