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  • The Outlaw Star

    XGP 15A-II

    Weapons: Grappler Arms, Melee, Firearms, and Missiles

    Operating Systems: Gilliam II

    Propulsion Systems: Munchausen Drive, Sub-Ether Drive

    History of the Outlaw Star

    The construction of the XGP 15A-II was a collaboration of both the Space Forces and the Kei Pirates Guild. While the Kei Pirates Guild had the original plans to build the ship, they needed more financial income and received the help of the Space Forces. This was mostly due to the advancements in the new grappler ship to come.

    The reason it was originally built was to find and enter the Galactic Leyline. The ship was in need of something from the Leyline to basically find it. Gwen Khan, the chief architect, had come across some information in the Grave of the Dragon. With this they were able to complete the XGP 15A-II. He ended up creating the ships main navigation with the information found, which is Melfina VSD02C.

    The Insides and Outs of the Outlaw Star

    The XGP 15A-II is much like any ship on the inside, a kitchen, spacious interior rooms, sleeping areas, cargo hold and a bridge. All primary operations are in the cockpit which has a mobile captain seat and crew seats as well. The Navigation Tank sits directly behind the captains chair. Originally the ship was a dark green color. When Gene Starwind came upon the ship, it became red and blue. The Starwund and Hawking Enterprises logo was also added.

    The ship is quite large. Since it is a grappler ship, two large grappler arms are folded beneath the ship. These can be activated for combat and act as human arms and hands in a way. The ship is equipped with an on board AI system that features several things other ships do not have. The main difference is the synthetic-cyborg interface navigational system. The ship also has an artificial Newton reactor that controls the gravity.