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  • Gin’s Take On: Gin


    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.


    Today I will be talking about a silver perm haired, lazy, strawberry milk moving, soon to be a diabetic, Mr Sakata Gintoki.


    Gin’s Take


    Gintoki Sakata is the main protagonist in Gintama. A widely popular anime/manga in Japan. Gin’s character as an MC differs to the normal shonen hero we see in our mainstream anime/mangas. Lazy, trickster, selfish occasionally, succumbs to bribery, obsesses over hair, sugar freak… Al the typical main character of shonen.

    Gintoki is such a funny character. His mannerisms ad personality is so unique that it would be hard to come across any other. Similarly his crazy personality fits the anime perfectly. Especially when it comes to the genre. Despite what the mangaka, Hideaki Sorachi, says about him, I believe that Gin’s character is very well crafted. His facial expressions are down right amazing.

    Gin’s flaws, as a stereotypical shonen hero, may be large but I feel like I can empathise with his character. No to mention his stupid comments make me laugh. His connections with other characters are also a great selling point. His bond with Kagura and Shinpaichi is one that flows well despite each of their own different personality traits. For me, Gintoki is one of the best gag characters in the industry at this current moment.


    Gin’s Verdict on Gin


    If you do manage to get a decent picture of Gin without a stupid expression, you would easily believe that he’s the stereotypical silver haired, cookie cutter samurai. What makes him unique is the fact that he is just the opposite.

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  • Character of the Week: Gintoki Sakata

    Gintoki Sakata

    Gintoki Sakata

    Anime: Gintama

    Age: between 21-24 years old

    Gender: Male

    Birthday: October 10

    Race: Human

    Aliases: Kintoki, Paako, Gin, Ginnoji, Gin-san, Gin-chan, Shiroyasha

    Affiliation: Old Yorozuya, Old Jouishishi, 4 Devas of Kabuki District

    Occupation: Founder & President of Yorozuya

    Gintoki Sakata

    Gintoki is the main protagonist of the Gintama series. He is a very highly skilled samurai who fought in the Joui War in the past and is known as the White Demon (shiroyasha).  He is very funny, loves sweets & meat. He is mainly seen with Kagura, Shinpachi, and Sadaharu at Odd Jobs; a small business ran from Otose’s house.