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  • Golden Time (Anime) Review

    Golden Time Anime Review

    (May contain spoilers so read at your own risk)

    Golden Time

    Golden Time is 25 episodes of an emotional roller coaster. One episode you can be laughing and the next be in tears.


    Plot of Golden Time

    Golden Time

    Golden Time is about a young man named Banri Tada who is a new student at a Tokyo Law College and the night of his high school graduation, he fell off a bridge and lost his memories. Since the fall one year has passed and on the first day of class, he meets someone from the Japanese Festival Club named Linda. Being lost on campus, Banri meets another student named Mitsuo Yanagisawa who also happens to be lost. They become fast friends but it isn’t long until a girl comes in to snatch Mitsou away. Koko Kaga was childhood friends with Mitsou and they once said that they were going to marry each other. He went to this particular college to get away from Koko! Little does Banri know that old friends may be closer then he thinks.


    Characters of Golden Time

    Golden Time

    Banri Tada is a first year student at Tokyo Law College. Not much is mentioned before his accident but his personality doesn’t seem to much different after the accident. He is nice and easy to talk to and gets along with everyone. Even though he doesn’t understand girls, he does manage to steal hearts of two women in the series. Banri always tries his hardest to see things through and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of his past. He later joins the Japanese Festival Club and reveals that he is pretty good at it.

    Koko Kaga is a first year student at Tokyo Law College.Very pretty and popular but other people are quick to judge her. She has been friends with Mitsou Yanagisawa since they were children. Koko thought that Mitsou was the man that she wanted and nothing stood of her way to get him. When he constantly rejects her, she gives up and Banri is there to comfort her. Their relationship gets stronger throughout the series. Koko even joins the Japanese Festival Club and shows us that she isn’t as coordinated and confident as she appeared to be.

    Mitsou Yanagisawa is a first year student at Tokyo Law College. He seems to have a lot of energy and puts it towards his goals. He knows what he wants and is broken when his goals don’t work; however, Banri is always there to cheer him up. He joins the film club because he likes a girl that also happens to be in his English class. He seems to be trustworthy and well liked by all.


    Overall Thoughts on Golden Time

    Golden Time

    At first the thought of the amnesia idea was excited and interesting. Then after the first episode I was looking forward to watch the next. Each episode had a catch and made you keep watching. Some episodes were more joyous than others, but as the story goes on the feelings that the characters have grow stronger. From the beginning to the end of the series,it left a place in my heart.


    Rating 9/10

    Little blood, violence and profanity. Sexual ideas are presented.

    Written by: Inufma