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  • Character of the Week: Kujo Kazuya

    Kujo Kazuya

    Kujo Kazuya

    Anime: Gosick

    Other names: Black Reaper, Spring Reaper
    Age: 15
    DOB: September 2, 1910
    Star sign: Virgo
    Height: 172cm(5’8″)
    Occupation: Student


    Kujo Kazuya

    Kujo Kazuya is the third son of a Japanese official that, after some time after The Great War (World War 1) he transfers into Saint Marguerite Academy, being the only Japanese man allowed there for relations after the war. He has dark black hair, usually wearing the uniform of the school, although he is sometimes seem wearing clothes that were common back in the 1900s. Being superstitious people and really into ghost tales and legends, they start to think he is the black reaper mainly because of his black hair, which is uncommon in Sauville. He is believed to bring misfortune so most people avoid him at all cost until a teacher tells him to go check the story out in the library, which to his surprise is giant. He then climbs to the top of the stairs to meet a beautiful blonde hair girl that looks just like a doll, Victorique De Blois . She leaves an impression on him with her amazing detective type skills. They then start there Sherlock Holmes-John Watson type relationship. They solve many mysteries together and become more than friends. He is very strong headed blaming it on being the third son of a Japanese solider. He starts to think of Victorique more and always wanting to protect her and they start a more than friends relationship. He has two older brothers and a older sister that write him from time to time. His pride gets him in some trouble at times, but he never fails to help Victorique with all his strength.


    Chosen by Tsuna Decimo