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  • What is Gundanium Alloy?

    Gundanium Alloy of Gundam Wing

    Gundanium Alloy is a compound that can only be created in zero-gravity space. Not only is it a very strong alloy, radars can not detect it due to it being electrically non-conductive. Even though it is very strong, it is extremely expensive to be mass produced. At first it was called Genetic on Universal Neutrally Different Alloy (or GND for short). Soon “nium” was added to the end this naming it Gundanium.

    No compound compares to the immutable Gundanium Alloy. Refining this alloy makes it neutral to electricity. This is an ideal alloy for Beam weapons and ales the armor resistant to charge. Even though it is called Gundanium Alloy, it actually contains a lot of metals that are non-ferrous and other material that is not analyzed not making it a true metal.

    How is it Created?

    This alloy is created in plasma with high temperatures. It can only be formed in zero gravity. They use nano units to adjust any compounds. This is extremely hard and the process is done in Lagrange Points for gravitational stability. Then the alloy is strengthens with a process called annealing. They use electromagnetic waves (from the sun) to perform this process.

    The armor may sound extremely protective, even against corrosion, but the armor can still be damaged by Beam attacks. The armor helps with reducing the attack, though, through an anti field.

    Suits that are made from Gundanium Alloy (in some form)

    Wing Gundam (And its descendants)

    Deathsythe (And its descendants)

    Heavyarms (And its descendants)

    Shenlong (And its descendants)

    Sandrock (And its descendants)

    Tallgeese (And its descendants)


    Mercurius (left) and Vayeate (right)

    Virgo series

    Scorpio series

  • Behind the Scenes: Gundam Wing and OZ

    Organization of the Zodiac


    Gundam Wing OZ
    OZ Logo

    Purpose: Military Organization
    Led by Treize Khushrenada
    Part of United Earth Sphere Alliance  and Romefeller Foundation
    Subsidiaries: MO-V, OZ Prize, Treize Faction
    Last Seen December, 195 A.C.


    Gundam Wing OZ
    Mostly Commonly Used: OZ-06MS Leo

    Mobile Weapons: OZ-00MS Tallgeese, OZ-00MS Tallgeese Flugel, OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II, OZ-06MS Leo, OZ-06MS-SN3 Leo-N, OZ-06MS-SR2 Leo-R, OZ-06MS-SS1 Leo-S, OZ-07MS Tragos, OZ-07AMS Aries, OZ-15AGX Hydra Gundam, OZ-08MMS Cancer, OZ-09MMS Pisces, OZ-10VMSX Gundam Aesculapius, OZ-10VMSX-2 Gundam Burnlapius, OZ-12SMS Taurus, OZ-13MSX1 Vayeate, OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius, OZ-14MS Gundam Aquarius, XXXG-00W0L Gundam Lucifer


    History of Organization of the Zodiac


    Gundam Wing OZ
    Treize & Zechs

    Part of a military wing from the Romefeller Foundation, Organization of the Zodiac is the forefront of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. They mostly serve as ‘black ops’ or Special Forces for the Alliance Military. The original leader was General Chilias Catalonia. In AC 193 he died in battle and was succeeded by Treize Khushrenada.

    OZ became a large portion, though, once militaristic Alliance heard the Colonies wanted independence. Treize created a coup de’etat when he gained the trust of the Colonies and promised them independence. He, however, did not give hem independence but put them under control of the Romefeller Foundation.

    The Gundams made OZ their primary target and took them down after several long battles. The final battle of December AC 195 was the last known existence of OZ. Former OZ members fought newer members now called the White Fang. Once the fight ended, mobile suits were taken apart and OZ no longer existed.


    Members of Organization of the Zodiac

    Gundam Wing OZ
    Random OZ Soldiers


    Zechs Merquise

    Gundam Wing OZ

    He is an ace pilot and has many nicke names, “Lightning Count” and “Lightning Baron. He wears a mask to hide his true identity, Milliardo Peacecraft. He was once the son of a pacifistic family and has a younger sister, Relena Peacecraft. He joins OZ to take revenge for his family. He pilots the Tallgeese III, but mainly the Gundam Epyon.
    Treize Khushrenada

    Gundam Wing OZ

    He is the leader of OZ. He is very charismatic mostly due to being born into a rich family. He is possibly the father of Mariemaia. He pilots the Tallgeese II. He also created the Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese III mobile suits. He has a constant fight with the Gundam Pilot Wufei.
    Lucrezia Noin

    Gundam Wing OZ

    She was once the instructor of the Lake Victoria Academy. When she attended their herself, she achieved the second highest grade in history just below Zechs. She is somewhat motherly to her students. She pilots many mobile suits including a green Aries and a white Taurus. She is deeply in love with Zechs.
    Lady Une

    Gundam Wing OZ

    Lady Une is the right hand woman of Treize. She is very fierce, ruthless, and brutal. She assassinates Relena’s ‘father’ for Treize. She has a mental conflict after Treize suggests that she be more lady like.
    Trant Clark

    Gundam Wing OZ

    A very ambitious soldier. He finds the Wing Gundam Zero after Quatre abandons it.  He tests the limit of the system and forces Heero to test Wing Gundam Zero.


    Trained by Noin at the Lake Victoria Academy, he joins OZ. He makes it to Lieutenant and pilots a Cancer. His call sign is Red Cancer.

    Gundam Wing OZ

    Trained by Noin at the Lake Victoria Academy, he joins OZ. He makes it to Lieutenant and pilots an Aries. His call sign is Blue Angel.

    Gundam Wing OZ

    OZ’s Fourth Flying Squadron captain.
    Luna Armonia

    Gundam Wing OZ

    An orphan that was taken in by Valder Farkill. She was made his guard and was even given Mercurius Shuivan suit.
    Soris Armonia

    Gundam Wing OZ

    Luna’s older sister and was taken in by Valder as well.
    Broom Brooks

    Gundam Wing OZ

    A commander of the OZ black ops squadron Prize and one of the Stardust Knights.
    Valder Farkill

    Gundam Wing OZ

    A member of Zechs Merquise’s unit and of the Specials. He had more kills in the fight with the Alliance earning the nickname “Dark General of Destruction.”
    Rosshe Natono

    Gundam Wing OZ

    A Stardust Knight and leader of OZ Prize. He is very honorable and plays fair in fights.
    Lowe Sernan

    Gundam Wing OZ

    A mechanic and Special Lieutenant of OZ.
    Kratz Shelby

    Gundam Wing OZ

    A leader of the OZ Prize and one of the Stardust Knights.
    Aretha Walker

    Gundam Wing OZ

    She answers only to the Stardust Knights and part of the OZ Prize soldiers.

    Trinoi Levinski

    Gundam Wing OZ

    He was forced out of OZ due to his left hand injuries.
    Karl Noembreux

    Gundam Wing OZ

    He piloted Gundam Lucifer, which had the ZERO System 2.0, and made him go mad.