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  • Behind the Scenes: Attack on Titan

    The Creation of Attack on Titan

    Attack on Titan
    A manga originally by Hajime Isayama. From September of 2009 to now the series has been published in the Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. As of December 2014, the series has been collected into 15 tankobon volumes. A story about humans fighting for their lives against terribly huge Titans. A boy stands out amongst the rest as a savior to humanity. As of November 2014, over 45 million volumes of the manga has been sold. The anime adaption only further boosted the popularity of the series and has gained critical acclaim.

    Production of Attack on Titan

    Attack on Titan
    In 2006, there was a 65 page one-shot of Attack on Titan. When he submitted his work to Weekly Shonen Jump, they asked him to change the story and the style to be more ‘Jump.’ He did not like this idea and declined their offer. He then took his work to Weekly Shonen Magazine. He had already decided on the twists that would occur throughout the series.

    His life experiences show up often in the idea of his story. His hometown set the scenery for the manga. His idea of fear throughout the manga came about when he was in an internet cafe working and a customer grabbed him by his collar. His feeling of  “the fear of meeting a person I can’t communicate with” is seen in the Titans. His designs for them are modeled after Yushin Okami (Eren’s form) and Brock Lesnar (Armored Titan). The enclosed nature of Japan is represented in the ‘Wall of Fear’ and their isolation.

    He plans to give the series a tragic ending much like The Mist by Stephen King. Due to all the positive responses of Attack on Titan, he has contemplated on changing the end to be much happier.