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  • Hal (Anime) Review

    Hal Anime Review

    *may contains spoilers. Read at your own risk*

    Hal Anime

    When I heard about this movie I had high expectations. The promotional cover art for this movie looks beautiful and was visually appealing. The plot even had me intrigued about how a robot could help a human.


    Plot of Hal

    Hal Anime

    When Kurumi, a young shop owner, looses her lover, Hal, in a plane crash, she looses all sense of living and settles to staying locked in her home. Family and friends around her is at a loss of what to do. As a last option, a scientist creates a life ­look alike version of the boyfriend but this robot is named Haru. At first Kurumi wanted nothing to do with Haru, but as time passed so did her opinion of him. Haru learned secrets of Hal’s past as well as the devilish things that his former self was apart of but all trying to keep Kurumi’s happiness on top. Confused about what to do with the new information, drama stirs. How will the relationship turn out for a human and a robot?


    Characters of Hal

    Hal Anime

    Kurumi is a young lady who looses her boyfriend in a plane crash. After this accident, she shut her self out from the world. She at first is resistant to having Haru there to help but quickly grows accustom to his presence. Having a talent for creating things, such as buttons and bears,  she has made many admirers from all ages. This talent also is her source of income. She got into a fight with Hal before he took his flight, the day he died.

    Hal is Kurumi’s boyfriend that died in a plane accident. It is hard to describe him as we only see things from other character’s prospective, but overall he seemed hesitant to let people into his life. Ryuu, his childhood friend, seems to be the only one that “knows” Hal. The two of them went through some dark events to live but he lost himself in the process. He was known to be violent toward others, not toward Kurumi, but ended up with enemies. Days prior to crash, he got into a huge fight with Kurumi because he sold some of her possessions.

    In the beginning we see Haru as a white robot being very helpful to a elderly man. As time passed, a scientist changed Haru’s appearance to make him look like Hal to help Kurumi recover after his death. Haru does his best to see good in others and to make friends with everyone. Since he is a robot, Haru has some issues as to understanding human emotions as well as the actions that follow. Since Haru looks like Hal, he gets into some drama with Hal’s old enemies. Overall he wants to help Kurumi get better, but to do that he first he has to understand Hal.

    Hal Anime

    To be honest, this movie was a disappointment. It had great potential but it was cut short. Literally cut short. This movie is less than an hour and because of that, the ending was rushed to no avail. There were too many twists that were not expected which,in the end, were not helpful to the plot. The twist was so big that it just made it difficult to grasp the story up to that point.  By the time the credits came I legit said “Is that it? Really?”. To describe this movie  in my own words its like thinking your eating a chocolate cookie when you are actually eating a raisin one. (This might not make sense now but if you watch the movie it will). Even though this movie wasn’t a winner in my book, I would still recommend watching it for the values and merits that can be learned.

    7/10 little violence, no sexual themes, little to no blood. Tragic thoughts are present.­