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  • Hana Kimi (Manga) Review

    Hana Kimi Manga Review


    Plot of Hana Kimi


    Mizuki Ashiya is a Japanese girl born and raised in America. But on a trip to Japan, she sees on a sports channel some people doing the high jump, and falls in love with it; or mainly, the high jumper, Izumi Sano. On her return to America, she joins the track team and becomes obsessed with Sano. So much so, that in her first year of High School, she disguise herself as a guy to enter his all-boys school! Becoming immediate friends with the fastest boy in school, she tries to get over the fact that Sano has quit the High Jump and doesn’t like her. Turns out, Sano realized that the weird American boy that’s been following him around is actually a weird American GIRL. But he can’t avoid her forever, especially since they’re roommates.


    Characters of Hana Kimi


    Mizuki Ashiya is a high school girl from America that transfers to an all-boys school in Japan just to be with her Idol. She is incredibly hyper and doesn’t take care of herself the way she should.

    Izumi Sano is an ex-High Jump star that slowly grows to like Mizuki; but hides the fact that he knows she’s a girl. He is teased because he acts like a “mother cat that just had kittens” when it comes to Mizuki.

    Nakatsu is the fastest boy in school that becomes best friends with Mizuki, who is later bumped down to the second fastest because of Mizuki. He doesn’t know that Mizuki is really a girl but still reacts to her feminine side that she can’t hide, falling in love with her. He’s a total idiot.

    Doctor Umeda is a doctor (?) that discovered Mizuki’s secret the second he sees her. He is famous for his “Umeda Kick”, a kick to the back of head or a person he doesn’t like or is annoyed by; which is basically everyone except Mizuki.

    Minami Nanba is the School’s playboy. He has small moments where he can sense Mizuki’s femininity and his player side comes out, making Sano and a few others jealous. He is also in charge of the dorm that Mizuki, Sano, and Nakatsu stay in.


    Thoughts of Hana Kimi


    This manga is alright; it’s not perfect. I read it for a pastime, like waiting on another chapter for another manga or until I find something better.

    Character Design: A; they all have their own personalities, and the design is good. There are “chibi moments”, where the characters lose detail and whatnot for some parts that are funny.

    Background: B+; the mangaka uses real pictures sometimes, but when she does draw the background, it’s pretty good.

    Romance: A-; the characters realize their love pretty soon, albeit a lot of denial on the guys parts.

    Humor: A; There are parts where I’m crying from laughing so hard. But then there are parts that are meant to be funny that I’m straight-faced.

    Warning! There is very slight yaoi!!!