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  • Harmonie (Movie) Review

    Harmonie Review

    Harmonie Cover

    Harmonie is a really quick and interesting movie about the mind of another person. Though it is considered to be a movie, it is actually only about 25 minutes long. It is part of the 2014 Anime Mirai, along with three other short movies. It’s animated by Studio Rikka.


    Harmonie Plot

    Girl approaching boy about song

    Harmonie is centered on two students in a class of 34, one boy and one girl. The girl has a troubling past and had hoped to get by it and forget all about it, however, her plans were ruined by a single boy. One day, one of the girl’s friends changed the girl’s ringtone to a random song found on her phone. The phone rings during class, and a cutsey tune was played. The girl quickly turned off her phone, but not before the boy sitting next to her picked up on it. He played it on a piano app on his phone and she heard and rushed to him. Eventually, he gained access to the full song, and that was when he entered the girl’s “world.”


    Harmonie Characters

    Juri and Akio (Front two)

    There are two main characters in Harmonie, both with their own separate “world” in which they live in. The boy is named Akio Hanjou. His world consists of talking about the most recent anime with his two friends. The girl is named Juri Makina, and her world consists of strange dreams that lead to her having an appointment with a psychiatrist. Akio has always admired Juri from afar, so when she approached him about the song he happened to be playing, he was the happiest person of his life. After hearing the full song, their worlds collided and they had something in common, which is was Akio has always hoped for.


    Juri Makina’s World

    Pictures of Juri’s dream

    Juri Makina has a very interesting world. Her world involves a dream that she has every single night. In the dream, she hears a song being played, which is the same song Akio played on his phone. When she was young, she used to draw pictures of what happened during her dream. She would also play the song she hears during her dream on the piano. She ended up being called “strange” by her friends, classmates, parents, and other adults, which resulted in her having no friends. Once Akio had the same dream as her, she became extremely elated. She couldn’t express her happiness in the dreams occurring to someone other than her.

    Though Harmonie is extremely short, I would still recommend it. It’s one of those watches meant for when you’re bored and need something interesting to watch. The ending, as well, is something worth watching the thing for.

    Overall Score: 8/10