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  • Genre Talk: Bishounen

    The Bishounen Anime Genre

    Popularity: 5/10 (USA), 8/10 (Japan)

    Commonly mixed with Slice of Life.

    “I’m used to being mistaken as a girl.”

    – Haruka Nanase


    When it comes to the US, this is a pretty unpopular genre. In Japan, though, it is very well loved. The lead role is usually an extremely beautiful man (almost feminine beauty). This is because the targeted audience are teen girls and middle aged women. Since the male lead is very feminine, there is usually a touch of homosexuality. Usually the main character will be very tall and slender. They have clear skin and great hair styles. They are very androgynous, until they take their shirts off. They may appear female at first glance, but they are most certainly males to the core.

    The Bishounen genre often breaks the stereotype for beautiful male characters. In most cases, these characters will do something very masculine as a hobby. Most often the hobby is a sport (kendo, swimming, basketball, martial arts, etc.). In other cases, the character will be very funny or intelligent taking the role of the lead character.

    Examples of Bishounen


    This series follows Haruka on his journey to become the greatest swimmer. He lives and breathes water.

    No. 6

    In a perfect town called No. 6, Shion meets another boy named Rat. His life drastically changed after this meeting.

    Vampire Knight

    Yuki Cross has a weird connection to a fellow student Kuran Kaname. She protects his secret, that he is a vampire.

  • Gin’s Take On: Haruka


    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.


    The main character of the anime that is filled with only the best ‘plot’ that fangirls love! Presenting the water loving, stripping, dolphin communicating, fangirls shipping with all the characters, Mr Haruka-kun!


    Gin’s Take


    Before the anime aired, there had been many teaser trailers mentioning this upcoming anime called Free. Gin was really looking forward to this anime! I thought to myself, “A new sports anime! Fabulous!’ I had been going through a sports anime/manga phase and the idea of a swimming anime really interested me. When I first saw Haru on the trailer, my thoughts were ‘Squee! So fit!’

    I thought I would be watching an anime that not only had great sport competitions, but beautiful boys. So you could expect my disappointment when watching the first few episodes. It was so great, but quickly turned into the worst thing ever.

    Haruka was exactly what girls wanted, tall, gorgeous, and athletic. The storyline and yoai ships completely destroy this image. There were many added features to his character that just did not quite fit with the genre of a sports anime. I agree, the characters should have a love for their sports, but they made Haru so obsessed with water it is actually weird. Similarly, what does stripping have to do with anything?! Haru is a special kid.

    His character is so quiet. It does give him a very mysterious aura, but as part of the audience I found it hard to understand or empathize with his character. His lack of dialogue actually made me see the lack in his character.

    As I watch a sports anime, one of the best parts I enjoy is seeing a character develop and overcome competitive characters. Yet Haru did not strike me as an admirable protagonist. His lack of personality bored me. There were some good points when he showed emotions and ‘comradership’ to Makoto. It was interesting to see their bond.


    The Fandom of Haruka


    I have not talked much about fandom in my previous blogs. I think this one deserves a section. The fangirls are interesting. As much as I respect their love for Rin and Haru or Makoto and Haru, it does get tedious. I can only deal with so much yoai on my newsfeed. When Free was reaching its third episode, I felt like there were ships coming from every direction.


    Gin’s Verdict on Haruka


    Haruka is a unique character and one I have not encountered before. This was fascinating to me. I do not particularly hate Haru as a character, but more the anime. For those of us who were expecting a sports anime, we instead received a subtle yoai between sexually tense boys. Can someone please explain the dolphin associated with him?! And someone really needs to find a partner for Haru that is as obsessed with water as he is. Then they can both go water-gazing.

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