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  • Linebarrels of Iron (Anime) Review

    Linebarrels of Iron Anime Review

    Linebarrels of Iron

    Hello! This will be a review of the anime series “Linebarrels of Iron”, based (loosely) off of a manga series with the same name. (I have not read the manga though, just so it is known) anyway, here goes!

    Plot of Linebarrels of Iron

    Linebarrels of Iron
    Well, we meet the main character of Linebarrels of Iron, Kouichi Hayase, a 14 year old student that gets bullied by a group of boys in his class. At the same time, we are introduced (somewhat) to the two sides, JUDA and KATO-KIKAN (good and bad respectively), who are trying to lead something to Earth, some meteor-like thing. So stuff happens, and Hayase is hit by this thing, which is a machina (mecha) from an alternate dimension. Well, long story short, he becomes the factor (pilot) and the story goes from there. Wow, that’s a ton to take in (though spread over 22 minutes), and for a while, I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue the series…especially since the Machina arrived with a naked female (of the same age as Hayase), who is unconscious beside him after it landed on him. So overall, I thought the series was going to be a terrible mecha/ecchi series with little to no actual storyline…I was proven wrong though, and I am thrilled about that!

    To summarize, JUDA is good, KATO-KIKAN is bad, and each is a mecha organization (somewhat…). Hayase, having been a wimp for his whole life, is super strong after becoming the factor, and decides to become a “Hero of Justice” (which is a term carried through the series, so his original goals do not change). He starts out beating up on other mechas, called ARMAs, which are operated by the UN and JUDA, as well as KATO-KIKAN (All ARMAs are attempts at replicating the Machinas). The “Hero of Justice” destroys his own town (areas of it) in pursuit of his selfish goals to be stronger, and punish the evil with his own ideals. Eventually, JUDA recruits him, and JUDA and KATO-KIKAN wage battle after battle over the next 15 or so episodes, until the plot twist! Since I do not wish to spoil it, I will just say that the predictability of the show dropped about 90% after the twist.

    As a side note to the plot, episode 12 is the most pointless episode in any anime series ever. All it is is a beach party of JUDA, in which nothing plot-wise happens, except for one minuscule detail in the romantic life of the characters.

    Characters Linebarrels of Iron

    Linebarrels of Iron
    Linebarrels of Iron had a fairly large cast, so I shall stick with the key characters. Most all of the characters go through some change during the series, and don’t stay all static, so in English they are dynamic. Hayase wins the prize for most character development in any anime like this I’ve seen in a while.

    Hayase is our lead; a selfish, arrogant, lowly person in the beginning, but throughout the series he develops into a man.

    Kizaki is the girl who crashed with LINEBARREL (the Machina), she is one of the romantic interests of

    Hayase, as well as the tactician of JUDA.

    Moritsugu is the Factor of Machina VARDANT, he is a skilled warrior, who also believes he is following the path of justice.

    Yamashita, Izuna, Shizuna, and Miu the four JUDA Factors, Izuna and Shizuna being twins who pilot the same Machina. Miu and the female twin being others of Hayase’s romantic interests.

    Ishigami is head of JUDA while KATOU is head of KATO-KIKAN.

    Final thoughts on Linebarrels of Iron

    Linebarrels of Iron
    Personally, I loved Linebarrels of Iron. I would give it a ten out of ten! However, for the sake of anyone who reads this review, I shall rate it at a 6.5/10. The art was good, the music was phenomenal (trumpet was amazing!), and the plot was better than some cliche piece of garbage show, but definitely not something everyone would enjoy. Here’s why: the romance in the show was all off, and seemed so forced, except for Kizaki/Hayase, and the usual cliche large breasts, beach scenes, and rather annoying sexual humor at times. If you can overlook this though, the series is a great one to watch, and leaves you with one of those *exhales smiling while nodding an thinking “yeah…that was fun…”* feelings. http://youtu.be/q-q2F5WHEU8