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  • Genre Talk: Dark Fantasy

    The Dark Fantasy Anime Genre

    Popularity: 8/10 (USA), 8/10 (Japan)

    Commonly mixed with Horror and Supernatural.

    “Don’t you think it’s beautiful? That rosy red that spreads only where the body is wounded. Shall I paint you in that lovely red?”

    – Ophelia


    As a sub genre of Fantasy, a lot of creatures tend to show up in this anime genre. There will usually be werewolves, vampires, and even sociopaths as the main characters. Due to this, it shows the monsters point of view and usually extreme violence and blood can be seen. This genre is also used to retell old children’s stories as a horror. Sometimes the story will be Japanese folktales as well as fairytales of the west. In most cases the Dark Fantasy genre will stick to medieval like features (ie. castles, knights, lots of lush lands). The other popular time of choice is the 1800s London scene.

    Examples of Dark Fantasy


    The story follows a Guts and Griffith. Griffith is the leader of the Band of the Hawk, a band of mercenaries, and Guts is one of his men. They hunt the Apostles (demonic creatures) and kill them.


    This anime follows the vampire Alucard. He works for the Hellsing Organization under Integra Hellsing. They are attempting to take down the Millennium and Vatican section XIII.

    Black Butler

    Ciel and his demon butler Sebastian, completed missions for the Queen of England. Ciel sold his soul to Sebastian seeking revenge for the unjust death of his parents.

  • Anime of the Week: Hellsing




    Kouta Hirano both wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series Hellsing. In 1997, Youn King Ours premiered the series and it ran until September 2008. There were a total of ten volumes that Shonen Gahosha collected and published. Hirano began to work on a prequel in 2001 called Hellsing: The Dawn.

    An anime series was adapted from the manga, but was greatly different. The reason is that the director, Umanosuke Iida, used another screenplay for the series that was written by Chiaki Konaka. The characters remained the same, but the plot changed drastically. The series ran on Fuji Television from October 2001 to January 2002. In 2006, an OVA that was adapted from more closely from the manga, aired until December of 2012. There were a total of ten episodes.

    The plot follows the Hellsing organization. It was originally led by Van Helsing himself. The group finds and destroys supernatural and undead beings. Sir Integra leads the organization at the moment. It is said that she is protected by an old family bodyguard, Alucard, who is a vampire himself. He is the original vampire and therefore the strongest. He swore his loyalty to the family years ago when Van Helsing defeated him. With others, such as Seres Victoria, the group is in search of a large neo-Nazi group known as Millennium. They share another enemy known as the Vatican section XIII. The battle takes place in London.


    Why I chose this anime: I was never a fan of the Hellsing manga, but I loved the TV series. Though the story is somewhat similar, it had a drastically different ending.

  • Hellsing Ultimate (Anime) Review

    Hellsing Ultimate Anime Review

    Hellsing Ultimate

    The Bird of Hermes
    Is My Name
    Eating My Wings
    To Make Me Tame

    Do you know the tale of the no life king? A ruler living in the darkest part of Europe during the middle ages? He was a man that killed over 10,000 of his citizens and impaled them at the border of his own kingdom to scare off the far stronger invader… Yes he was both genius and bloody. He was the impaler, Dracul. He entered the legend as the Lord of Vampires, the most legendary of his kind. According to the tale, he was killed by a vampire hunter. I’ll tell you what really happened, indeed, the no life king was tamed. He was made a weapon at the disposal of mankind. Humans are weak, they perish quickly and both their soul and body are fragile. Quite inefficient as hunters of those godforsaken creatures. Centuries after the defeat of Dracula, Hellsing organization releases its greatest warrior, Alucard, to fight vampires throughout the British nation. A domesticated vampire of the first class…

    What follows is my unholy review of Hellsing Ultimate an ova series of 10 movies that was released in the span of almost a decade. It’s the complete adaptation of the horror manga by Kota Hirano with the same name. This review will also compare this to the original TV series from time to time in order to clear any doubts. It’s also important to tell people that a mini prequel series called Hellsing the Dawn also exists but it will not be taken into account for this review. The review will analyze the series according to graphic, characters, sound, story and personal enjoyment


    Art and Animation of Hellsing Ultimate

    Score 9/10

    Hellsing Ultimate

    The project was born as the ultimate adaptation of Hellsing after the end of its glorious run in 2008. As an ova series (and by Madhouse one of the best studios out there) the show boasts a near flawless animation that it’s been out of the league of many anime since the first movie came out. The art is dirty and messy, a perfect stylistic choice to better portray the general vibe of madness this series has. Indeed we’re talking about one of the most graphically violent and gory shows of the new millennium (no pun intended). This series overall packs an amazing comport of visual awesomeness and it’s one of the most ambitious works in this industry.


    Characters of Hellsing Ultimate

    Score 9/10

    Hellsing Ultimate

    I wonder what a series would be without a loveable cast of flavorful characters? Yes Hellsing ultimately (again no pun intended) does not fail to deliver one of the most interesting set of characters in anime history. Even though we cannot talk of absolute originality or insane psychological profiles (for example Alucard is based on Vincent Valentine from FFVII) we can’t deny how Kouta Hirano created a charismatic protagonist that is everything but the emblem of the hero. He is neither good nor bad, he just does whatever he wants and he is always the best at what he does (maybe even too faultless).

    Character design is not too impressive with the exception of the awesome Alucard, the titular protagonist, but everything works perfectly in the context of the series. The secondary characters are well managed like Seras (who was more like the protagonist in the original Hellsing anime), Rip, Walter, Integra and my favorites Pip and the Major.


    Soundtrack and Acting of Hellsing Ultimate

    Score 8/10

    Hellsing Ultimate

    We’re not talking about a series that aims at using its musical score as a major (ok I’ll stop it with the puns) point of interest that’s for sure. You want awesomeness but this does not mean that Hellsing fails at the sound aspect quite the opposite lately. The original soundtrack works well as a background music and there are a few selected iconic tracks (like Gradius Vita) that make scenes overflowing with epicness and tension. Many genres from pop to solemn choral music are used. One thing that the original anime did well was the ost and its opening is one of the most iconic ones out there. Unfortunately for Hellsing Ultimate no tv series means no opening, but I advise you to watch all endings cause they are neat amvs of the back stories of many characters in the series. The voice acting earns this most of its score, many know how I am no fan of the dubbing but this time I can’t say anything. Alucard is a magnificent Crispin Freeman. Nonetheless the original Japanese subtitle is still superior because of Freeman’s Japanese equivalent Jouji Nakata.


    Story and Pacing of Hellsing Ultimate

    Score 8/10

    Hellsing Ultimate

    I cannot say this is a story driven series because it lets the characters, the setting and the events speak for themselves in a formula that never fails to disappoint. I do not mean that it has no story. It may be simple but surprisingly effective and thematic. In a hollywood fashion we see a mix of all that stuff, from movies or dark fantasy from nazi vampires to warewolves and the modern context, only makes it even more enjoyable and unique. The progression is linear and the storyline is enriched by the addition of every new character, each of them serves an important purpose in the greater scheme of the events.

    The pacing is excellent, maybe even too fast due to the fact it’s adapting a not so short manga in less than one hour ovas. The action is focused on giving the viewer a mix between excitement and disgust as it should be. It massively improves what made the original series miserably fail, a complete and logical storyline that has no filler and far better coherent characters and situations. Even though I liked the occasional humour, it is sometimes inopportune and anti climatic.


    Personal Enjoyment of Hellsing Ultimate

    Score 9/10

    Hellsing Ultimate

    Who can’t deny this was one hell(sing) of a ride? oh I forgot to stop the puns… Jokes aside, we are talking about a very valid product and one of the most important horror seinen you can find. There are clear inspirations to works of the past, especially with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures the legendary series whose certain elements resemble closely some of the plot points of Hellsing Ultimate. Even though the two have a similar black humour style, Hellsing is surely one step beyond in terms of controversial and morally questionable content so I warned you, it may offend your sensibility.

    It’s nothing to be worried about, merely a tribute to an older series with similar genre. Take your time into analyzing the various themes in the series, the meaning of human, monster, religion, pride and soul. There is also a certain remarkable complexity regarding the ethics and worth of being what you are, even in your weakness and faults. Stay what you are or you might lose yourself in the process of changing, good and evil are not absolute.

    Final Score 8.5/10

    – Humble Reaper from Anime Amino, Italy (Sicily)

  • Character of the Week: Seras Victoria

    Seras Victoria

    Seras Victoria

    Anime: Hellsing Ultimate

    Age: 19 years old, 49 yrs. postskip

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vampire

    Alias: Police girl, Draculina, Mignonette, Ms. Victoria, Hellsing’s new trump card, Kitten

    Affiliation: Hellsing Organization

    Previous Affiliation: London Metropolitan Police

    Ability: Firearms Specialist, Clairvoyance, Regeneration, Immorality, Invulnerability, Advanced Combat

    Seras is one of two main female protagonists of the Hellsing series. She was turned into a vampire by Alucard, who saved her from a gunshot wound in the chest. Seras is a cute girl with blonde hair and blue eyes (which turns red when she’s mad). She’s since seen wearing the Hellsing uniform until she drinks Pip Bernadotte’s blood, which her outfit changes into different shades of red and her eyes are now red.

    Seras personality can be best described as strong-willed. She’s a very brave & heroic female who reacts on her beliefs. She often rejects following her master orders that she doesn’t agrees with. Even so, she’s a loyal soldier who follows orders from her commander and completes tasks given to her.

    Seras Victoria

    Seras is introduced in the series as a police officer when her squad was sent to Cheddar Village to investigate a priest that was responsible for multiple homicides. The priest was disguised as a vampire and took control of the town and turned its inhabitants into Ghouls. The vampire then took Seras hostage and threatened to murder & rape her. Alucard arrives and the vampire used her as a shield to convince him into letting him live. Alucard didn’t listen and shot both Seras and the vampire killing him, while leaving her on the verge of death. Alucard then asks her if she wanted to become a vampire and live or die as a human. She chooses to live, which results in Alucard biting her, changing her into a vampire. She is then immediately employed with the Hellsing Organization and her journey as a vampire begins.

    Seras is an amazing gunmen, but she’s also well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, which is shown when she use brute force against the FREAK zombies. She uses all types of techniques such as karate chops and kicks and also finger flicks shown early against Pip. She has superhuman strength, speed, agility and more.

    Seras Victoria

    Seras primary weapon is the Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon Harkonnen, a single shot breech loader cannon. It weighs 120 lbs. and is excellent for long range targets. It can use all types of shells including depleting uranium with silver and more. Before she got this, she had a smaller rifle that shoots 13.7 mm rounds.

    While defending the Hellsing headquarters, Seras acquires the Harkonnen II. It weighs 345kg and has a pair of 30mm auto cannons that’s belt-fed from two large ammunition boxes. Yes, she carries it on her back like a boss. This was use to destroy Millennium’s missiles that Zorin tried to use from their blimp.

    Seras Victoria

    Seras is my character of the week because she’s amazing and freaking awesome. She’s kicks major butt and is super sweet & intelligent. She’s a bit tomboyish, but that just adds to her charm. She’s a sweet girl, but when she’s pissed off, she more deadlier as shown during her fight against Zorin (glad she killed him or her). Seras is one of the nicest and funniest person on Hellsing. When she’s confused it’s super funny and when the guys flirt with her,  she’s tells on them. I’m glad she drank Pip’s blood because they were close & they each understood one another on the police or military base (I don’t know how to describe it).  She had feelings for Pip so I think that’s why she also bit him. For those who don’t Pip, he’s the guy with the braided ponytail & commander of the army who was assigned to Sir Integra when her original army was killed. Anyway, I love Seras cause she’s strong and beautiful. She fights her own battle and helps her squad. She gotten use to the vampire life even though she was nervous & didn’t know what was going on at first. Seras stayed true to herself and for that she grew, overcame her dark past, and looks forward to an amazing future.

  • Character of the Week: Alucard



    Anime/manga: Hellsing
    Other names :  Arucard
    Age: 599
    Birthday: November 1431
    Height: 191cm

    Weight: 83.9kg

    Power: Vampire

    Weapon: Pistol (Jackal)



    Alucard is a very powerful vampire, and is commonly known as king of the vampires. When fighting he becomes ferocious and unstable however he still has a small bit of sanity left. He is devoted to the head of the Hellsing family and fights against other vampires and forces of evil. He is bored of immortality and desires to be killed by a human, which is why he will humiliate his opponent and give them many opportunities to kill him before finishing the fight himself.

    Character Chosen by Milly