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  • Simple Hero?

    Simple Hero?

    they’ll stop you – you’re already one of them



    What Throws Them Off?

    As we enter the Aniverse for our own curiosity we find out that some of them just wants to be normal. A steady life and where they just want to be masters of their own fate. Well, they can’t. Surely some of you must have read/seen manga/anime where the protagonist is just about to enter a new semester of school. Everything is perfect till another character shows up being the oddball.

    They’re already screwed. They’ve entered the world of weirdness, and we viewers gets sucked in as well. The normal life they’d imagined gets crushed like a bug. There’s no escape – you’re already apart of their world and their crazy lives whom which we cannot fathom.

    As series ventures further in, we should pause – reflect what’s happened to our innocent protagonist. Is he/she one of them already? – – good!

    But Is It Good?

    This topic is actually rather deep to me. We see these characters experiencing the wildest adventures when they in the beginning just wanted a normal life. However, define normal. Anime/manga made me the weirdo I am today – thus I encourage weirdness. Be weird and random and I’ll give you a virtual high five. We get caught up trying to be normal, and when I look at the great people I’ve talked to thanks to Anime Amino I just think to myself ‘thanks for being weird’.

    The great individuals in anime/manga shows that there’s no defining to normal. But their own personality and their way of life is to me the definition of normal. This of course varies in series but I think you get my point there.

    Symbolic speaking, the characters that drags the protagonist in is the doorway to adventure. They’re the adventure.

    They struggle the need for cake

    They struggle the over sexual senpai

    They struggle love

    The love for potatoes

    You’re one of them, praise pig day.