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  • Inazuma Eleven (Anime) Review

    Inazuma Eleven Anime Review

    Inazuma Eleven
    Inazuma Eleven DVD Cover
    I do not watch a lot of sports anime, but this one really sparked my interest and after watching it, I really enjoyed it. Inazuma Eleven is a soccer anime that adds the twist of having super powered moves known as hissatsu techniques to soccer. The anime focuses on the main character and his soccer team that strives to defeat the enemies that try to destroy their soccer along with making new friends and allies. There are more seasons such as Inazuma Eleven Go and Chrono Stone, however I think that the original is the most entertaining.

    Plot of Inazuma Eleven

    Izanuma Eleven
    Screenshot of Izanuma Eleven
    Inazumi Eleven consist of three arcs, each with a new enemy and soccer teams. The protagonist faces evil from cheating soccer directors, to aliens, and even people who control other teams in the Football Frontier International. The anime has a consistent message of friends, teamwork, and never giving up. The main soccer team run by Endou, goes through a series of being defeated, powering up, and defeating the enemy. This cycle is used constantly throughout the show which can sometimes make things predictable and dull; however the consistently keeps a straightforward plot that isn’t too complex for kids to figure out.

    Characters of Inazuma Eleven

    Inazuma Eleven
    Inazuma Eleven Characters
    Inazuma Eleven is known for having a numerous amount of characters. Each team seems to have its own theme of hissatsu techniques however they don’t appear often in the show except for a select few.
    The main character throughout the show is Endou Mamoru a “soccer freak” who wants everyone to enjoy soccer in the world. His child like ideals and never give up attitude makes him similar to other anime protagonist such as Naruto or Ash from Pokemon. He plays as a goalie thus making most of his hissatsus blocking types and is also given the title as captain. Almost all characters look up to him for he is the center of motivation for everyone else.
    Other characters that appear frequently are Gouenji, Fubuki, Kidou, the four managers, and Aliea Academy captains such as Hiroto and Midorikawa. Past enemies such as Kageyama appear along with coaches like Hibiki. Most characters do not get too much of a background story, like Kabeyama or Handa; however most of the second season contributed to the character Fubuki Shirou’s past which linked to his double personality disorder.
    Having many characters introduces different personalities, however it can sometimes lack character development.


    Inzauma Eleven
    Inzauma Eleven
    Overall, Inazuma Eleven is a good anime with a consistent and strong message along with a straightforward plot that gives a decent closure in the end. It puts a twist on the sport giving it a more magical vibe that causes the audience to suspend their disbelief and makes it more entertaining. The anime stays its hot-blooded spirited self never getting too depressing and yet manages to have some dramatic scenes. It is a perfect show directed to a younger audience for boys, however I think that anyone’s inner child will enjoy this sports anime.
    GazerockGirl Rating: 10/10

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    – GazerockGirl